You Are the Miracle

I love to read, and most days I read a page from a couple of spiritual texts. I love the daily readings and affirmations in the Science of Mind Magazine, and currently I am rereading, and savoring, Eric Butterworth’s Spiritual Economics. No matter how many times I read it, there is something new I discover.

All my reading at the moment seems focused on the recognition that good is always available to me and it’s up to me to be in the flow of all that is good.

I’ve been taking that into meditation and to the page journaling. As I reflect on the idea of being one with the flow of life – of abundance, joy, love, and peace – I began writing about my (now) understanding of what I call God. You might call it Source, Spirit, Intelligence, Energy, Love…or something else. The understanding underpins how I live, love and work…and I want to share it with you.

To begin with…God is not outside of you or me. 

God is not some big bearded white guy sitting up on a cloud with a staff, passing judgment on you and me; moving us around like pawns on a chess board, knocking people off the board at will, conjuring up wars, storms, or disease to punish us. Nor is It a puppet-master pulling strings for those It favors and letting the rest slog along willy nilly, struggling through life. This was the God of my childhood…and while I feared that God, It also never felt quite right to me.

God has no favorites. In fact, it says yes to everything I claim for myself. Prosperity or lack, love or loneliness, shame or approval. Yes. Yes. Yes. It corresponds to who I believe I am and what I believe I deserve. Let that sink in for a moment or two…or three.

It is neither male nor female and yet It is both and all genders, all people, all life. It is white, black, brown, red, yellow, and every shade of the rainbow. It is everything I see, feel, touch, hear, taste…and the invisible substance from with all things are created.

God is what and who I am. What and who you are. I am reminded by Father Richard Rohr in What the Mystics Know, is that “we cannot attain the presence of God because we’re already totally in the presence of God. What’s absent is awareness.” It lives through me and as me. I experience and discover life, discover myself through the lens of Love. I see with It’s eyes. I think with It’s mind. I live It’s life as me. As only I can. As a unique and individualized expression of It.

The watcher of your life, the observer of who you are, the witness to all you do – is you.

~ E Blais

We are to God like waves to the ocean with the free will to choose our experiences, our adventures, our heaven or hell as it were. I’ve said it before, heaven and hell are states of being…not places you go when you die. I don’t think we actually die in the sense we think of it. We shed our bodies…but our souls, that God-Life within us…that Life-Force Energy…I suspect it lives on in the great mystery. This is what is meant by eternal life.

So, if you and I are God-Life expressing in our individual bodies and personalities…it stands to reason that there are no mistakes. You are not a mistake. God doesn’t make mistakes. We are the cause of our lives. We make choices…we see the effects…choose again…grow, evolve, and continue.  This is how God-Life experiences Itself.

So many people are waiting for a miracle. YOU are the Miracle!

~ E Blais

Human life is one big experiment and you and I are the researchers of our lives, of our experiences, continually choosing our intentions, our actions, choosing to place our attention on what we intend to be, do, or have, or placing our attention on the lack of it. Either way…what you give your attention to grows. Which wolf will you feed as the story goes.

When I came to this realization, this clear understanding of God, I was 50+ and I felt I’d come home. And, everything about my life finally made sense. I stopped asking “Why me?”, and “What’s wrong with me?”, and took responsibility for all of my life…all of my choices and decisions. I stopped blaming others for my perceived adversity, and saw it for what it is – experiences that I grew from. I stopped taking things personally (most of the time). I know who I am.

It has been an incredible inward journey to this moment…today…to choosing more intentionally and more boldly how I express myself in the world. I Am enough just as I am. I AM that I AM. So are you.

With love and appreciation,

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