Give Yourself to Love

I recently performed the song Give Yourself to Love by Kate Wolf at my spiritual center. I have always loved this song. The chorus goes like this: “Give yourself to love, if love is what you’re after. Open up your heart to the tears and laughter.”

I’ve been reflecting on the truth of these words since that morning.

The idea that you must give yourself to what it is you want in life so life can give it to you. Sounds counterintuitive. We so often are giving our attention to what we think we lack…whether it’s love, joy, wisdom, ease…or not being enough in one way or another.

We have been well trained to not only believe we lack what we desire, but that we’ll get it from somewhere ‘out there’ – the latest iWatch, a new car, living in the ‘right’ neighborhood, that job title, a new relationship, coloring your hair, the perfect brand of clothing, and so on.

While those things can bring us a lot of pleasure, true love and joy comes from within ourselves. If you want love, you have to give yourself to it. You become it by loving yourself first. If you want peace in the world, you can only see it if you give yourself to it. If you become peaceful within yourself.

The concept is simple yet not easy. Especially when we often don’t even know what we want.

I’ve asked hundreds of women what they want in life and the most frequent answer I get is, “I don’t know“. There’s no shame in this…I’ve been there too.

But here’s the beauty of I don’t know. First, it’s a lie. Deep down you know – but are afraid to say so. Afraid to go for it because you might fall or fail, people might think you’re selfish, or weird, or not like what you’re doing. There’s a whole boatload of reasons to stay stuck in the ‘I don’t know’ of it.

But what you do know is what you don’t want. Right? Yeah. I see you nodding. And this, dear friend, is a beautiful place to begin. A starting point. Not for languishing in what you think you lack, but in creating a new perspective of who you are, and who you want to become.

When I work with women, we begin where you are. We remove the shame that so many of us feel for who we’ve been, what we’ve experienced, and how our lives have been shaped by that. From there, a beautiful new version of you begins to emerge…the you that has always been there, just hiding behind a lot of fear and limiting ideas.

I am here to change your life – and I know I can.

I want you to know what it feels like to love yourself unconditionally, to accept where you are in a way that is not only forgiving but empowering. To let go of the need for perfectionism, to move out of overwhelm, to stop second-guessing who you are and why you’re here.

To know you are worthy of giving yourself to the life you want to live. To love. To peace. To harmony. To confidence. To compassion. To ease and grace. To adventure. To more intentional living. To trust yourself and open your heart to all that you desire to be and give yourself to that. Wholeheartedly. Unconditionally.


Ready to give yourself to what you want? Let me help you close the gap between where you are and where you’d love your life to take you. Book a complimentary clarity call. Let’s open up your heart to you living your best life.

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