3 Secrets to a Kickass Life

Empowering women to live into their dreams

Stop looking out there for your kickass life! The secret to Live Your Kickass Life is YOU!!

“Within you is everything you need to live the life you came here to live. It might be buried under years of conditioning, of learning to be who you are not, but I promise you it’s there. 3 Secrets to a Kickass Life is a practice in getting out from under all that stuff and rediscovering your inner magnificence.”

3 Secrets to a Kickass Life is a simple and powerful starting point for living with intention and purpose.
To disrupt the B.S. (beliefs and stories) that keeps you stuck so you can dare to be who you know, deep down, you are here to be.

Only you can give yourself permission to live fully and freely into your dreams.

BONUS: This book comes with free audio downloads of the guided visualizations within!

About the Author

Imagine a world where every women gives herself permission to live the life she dreams of? I do!

Hi. I’m Elaine; Life Coach, Author, Speaker, and passionate encourager. I’m on a mission to empower 1 Million Women to live into their dreams.

3 Secrets to a Kickass Life is a primer, a starting point, to give yourself permission to step out of the confines of conventional thinking and self-imposed limitations, and create the life you dream of as only you can.

In this book you’ll find a bit of my story, interwoven with simple concepts and practices to unlock these secrets:

Desire – discover your souls desire and honor what you truly want
Disrupt – disrupt your B.S., give up those limiting beliefs and stories
Dare – to live a life devoted to joy…not if, not when, NOW!

You’ll change the way you see yourself and your life, and step into the inner widsom and inherent confidence already within you to embrace the adventure of living life as only you can.

October 25, 2022-22 copy

Elaine Blais, Life Coach

Suggestions for using this book:

  • As a guide for your personal development and self-leadership
  • As a book study with other women in your circle
  • Or, as a group workshop with me! I’d be honored to lead a group with you and your amazing women friends through this simple and practical process for self-awareness and personal growth.

Ask for details elaine@elaineblais.com.

Before I worked with Elaine, I was very fearful. I’d been wanting to create my own business but I was waiting for someone or something to promise me that everything was going to be OK. I’ve such passion for what I want to do, but I was so unsure because I didn’t see anyone else doing it. I was unable to move forward. I was looking for a safety net. I wanted to know ‘the rules’. I spoke with lawyers to calm my fears. They didn’t. After working with Elaine, I felt empowered. She asked brilliant questions like, “What if I make the rules?!”. I was able to give myself permission to take just one step at a time and she helped me realize that roadblocks don’t mean the end of the road. I can reassess and keep moving. Instead of letting fear stop me, Elaine helped me to trust my inner knowing, to allow my passion, ideas, and enthusiasm to lead me forward. I am amazed by the confidence I hear in my own voice now when I tell people “I’m launching my own business?”. I am excited for the future!


The content of this book is for informational purposes only. The publisher and the author make no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience by following the practices or processes contained in this book, and you accept the risks or success that results will differ for each individual. Use of this book implies your acceptance of this disclaimer.

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