Welcome to The Art of Self-Approval

Hi, I'm Elaine!

I’m a midlife troublemaker and finally first mentor who works with women to redefine success and fulfillment on their own terms while breaking up with old patterns of pleasing, perfectionism, and procrastination.

I’m trying something I’ve never done before – a four-week class to help you master the art of Self-Approval.

Imagine unapologetically accepting and loving yourself? Imagine trusting your own sense of knowing, without question or reservation, without worry about what anyone else thinks...for real?

It’s the ultimate middle finger to culture, conformity, and the patriarchy…and your pathway to personal freedom, peace of mind, and greater success and fulfillment in your life.

This class is for you if...

➡️ You are often self-critical – even in small ways.

➡️ You try to set boundaries but don’t stick to them…letting yourself down.

➡️ You think you should, shouldn’t, can’t, don’t know, have to, or need to do all the things - leaving you feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or just plain stuck.

➡️ You struggle to say no and often find yourself overcommitted and stressed out

➡️ You often neglect yourself – your own needs – out of a sense of responsibility to others.

➡️ You never start that brilliant idea (procrastinate) or never finish that amazing project (perfectionism) out of fear that it won’t be good enough.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

These are just some of the ways we abandon ourselves!

I’ve done all of these things and still do some of them…I am a work in progress too.

None of this is your fault. We’ve all been conditioned to believe we are lacking in some way – that we are not good enough in one way or another. This is total bullshit!!!

And, it IS your responsibility to change this – if you want to. If you want to feel better about yourself and stop apologizing for who you are for fucks sake…this is for you!!!

You are a powerful presence in the world and I am a master at creating space for magic to happen. Together we’ll put you on the road to self-approval.


Let's be clear...

🌟 We are on this journey together...I don't have all the answers.

🌟 I have the tools and skills and a sharp intuitive sense to help you unlock your own answers.

🌟 I'm not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions so that YOU can create that wildly successful life, relationship, or business you want.

🌟 This work will challenge you. It will push beyond your same-old ways of being...it will be uncomfortable at times...

...but aren’t you already uncomfortable trying to be who you think you should be…instead of who you truly are?

Are you with me?

This is a limited offer...so here's the scoop!

REGISTRATION: July 18th through July 27th.


  • Four (4) one-hour group coaching sessions
  • Monday evenings, 6:30 pm August, 1, 8, 15, and 22
  • Each session will have a concept to learn such as Loving Your Discontent (yep…it’s a thing I teach and it’s magic)
    • Includes time for discussion, sharing, and individual coaching (whether you take the coaching seat or not…this is powerful)
    • Worksheets and materials…but I also recommend a journal ready to capture your insights.
    • Homework…because the point is to accept yourself every moment of every day in real life… your day-to-day life!
  • Email support between sessions
  • Exclusive savings on 1-1 coaching



On…one more thing. Space is limited. This is a small group offering because the whole point is to be seen, heard, and get your questions answered so you can leave the program more confident and empowered than when you arrived.

elaine blais

About Your Host

I'm Elaine Blais, a Professional Midlife Troublemaker, Finally First Mentor, and Certified Life Coach. Women hire me to help them overcome approval issues that have stopped them all their lives and finally put themselves first so that they can have more success in life and business. Nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you!

What Others Have Said:

“I was amazed at how repetitive my old thought patterns were. Elaine helped me see what was holding me back that I couldn’t see for myself. With this heightened awareness, and the understanding that I have the power to decide to change my thoughts, I am stretching into a new direction I so wanted in my life. This has opened up so many new avenues for me to explore! I breathe deep and know I am making this new life a reality.”

"Elaine is an astute listener able to ask questions that stopped me in my tracks and brought about startling clarity. Every conversation with her leaves me feeling lighter, full of hope, and ready to face a previously insurmountable challenge. Highly recommended!”

"Elaine Blais is the real deal! Participating in her workshop gave me energy and confidence around my job search. Before the workshop I was feeling stuck and resigned. The exercises opened up new insights about how to start being the professional I dream of, right now. I highly recommend working with Elaine."

Will you say YES to you?


When will this class be held?

Monday evenings, August 1, 8, 15, and 22 at 6:30 PM Eastern. Classes are virtual. Zoom information is provided at registration.

Registration period is July 18-27.

How much does it cost?

Your investment for this initial offering is only $597

Plus you get the benefit of a supportive, collaborative group!!

You deserve to remove all the barriers you have to create the more you desire in your life!

What should I bring?

For class, you'll need a computer with a zoom account, and something to write with. You're welcome to write on your computer or with paper and pen, whatever's most comfortable for you.

I have more questions.

I'm here to help! Email me directly at elaine@elaineblais.com.

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