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Hello beautiful human,

We’re tickled silly to present our Free monthly Masterclass Series tailored for all the wonderfully flawed humans - and those aspiring to be!

Our Masterclass Series is designed to educate and create a supportive community where individuals feel comfortable exploring their vulnerabilities. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and engaging discussions you’ll discover the beauty in those flaws and learn how to harness them for personal growth and resilience. Join us for a monthly dose of inspiration that will embolden you to rock your unique self like a boss!

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October 25, 2022-10 copy

Meet Elaine

The Imperfection Alchemist, Spiritual Life Coach, and author is a wizard at transforming imperfections into superpowers for recovering perfectionists. A recovering perfectionist herself, Elaine’s secret sauce is a mix of compassion and authenticity that nudges you to break free from perfection’s chains.

Dive into a world where each month, she spills the beans on her own experiences and coaching wisdom to help you embrace your quirks and unleash your inner strength. By the end of each session, you’ll have a toolbox bursting with tips to hush your inner critic, nurture self-love, and throw a party for your wonderfully imperfect self.

Upcoming Classes

All classes are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm Eastern.

🌻 June 12th, 2024: The Overwhelm of Perfection: tools to create more harmony in life.


🌻 July 10th, 2024: The Hidden Power of Uncomfortable Emotions - embracing challenges for growth and success


🌻 August 14th, 2024: TBD


🌻 September 11th, 2024: TBD


🌻 October 9th, 2024: TBD


🌻 November 13th, 2024: TBD


🌻 December 11th, 2024: TBD


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