Want to know a secret?

Your wildest dreams are already within reach.

My name is Elaine Blais and I’m an author, spiritual practitioner, and certified life coach. My superpower is helping women break free from the chains of people-pleasing and perfectionism.

Through The Art of Self-Approval, you can unlock your full potential.

I'm here to support and guide you in your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

 After a quarter century in the corporate grind, I was struggling with codependency and self-doubt. I knew something had to change in order to leave behind what was expected of me and transform into the person I wanted to be.

So, I decided to write a new chapter in my life, literally.

My debut book, 3 Secrets to a Kickass Life, is a manifesto for those looking to live with intention and purpose.

I’m here to say: you can write your own story too.

I specialize in creating custom experiences for individuals and small groups of women ready to discover the true power of self-approval. Through one of my signature programs, Women Writing Their Lives”, we will craft a new story of power where you realize your desires, disrupt your status quo to achieve them, and love who you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s work together to unleash your gifts on the world.


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Because there's nothing more magical than women supporting each other in a safe and uplifting environment; a sacred container where you are not just heard and seen, but celebrated!

Here, we safely share our stories, listen, and cheer each other on.

By celebrating our unique journeys, meeting our own needs, and witnessing each other journeys, we're a force to be reckoned with - collectively and individually. 

And you, my friend, deserve a supportive space to live into your dreams fearlessly and as boldly as you choose.

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Your Emotions Are Essential...don't underestimate that!

You might think you need a permission slip to chase your wildest dreams but guess what? You don't!

I also know how scary it can be to break the mold and make it okay to want more for yourself. But yearning for a bigger life doesn't mean you aren't grateful for the life you have. It's a beautiful sign that you are ready for more and meant to expand into it.

I'm here to help you unlock that potential and step into the courage to soar.

Living a purposeful life is not just what I help my clients do. It’s a personal commitment I’ve made to myself through soulful decision-making and the Art of Self-Approval.

Signature Program

Women Writing Their Lives:

Did you realize that the words you choose are the blueprint for the life you live?

Regrettably, many women find themselves trapped by outdates narratives the keep them from pursuing their aspirations. This is precisely where my six-week “Women Writing Their Lives” program can make a difference.

Together, we’ll delve into these stories and equip you with the necessary tools to turn them into a force that empowers you to manifest your true desires.

Click here for details.

Custom Experiences

How are your friends doing recently?

What are their aspirations for the future?

I am here to create a tailored program to support you and your close circle in navigating life's challenges. Whether it’s relationship issues, or seeking more creativity, self-acceptance, spirituality, or abundance, I am dedicated to designing a program that suits their needs.

Shoot me an email: elaine@elaineblais.com - let's make some magic happen.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is exclusively available by invitation or referral. If you have not received an invitation or referral, kindly explore my other services.

Before I worked with Elaine, I was very fearful. I’d been wanting to create my own business but I was waiting for someone or something to promise me that everything was going to be OK. I’ve such passion for what I want to do, but I was so unsure because I didn’t see anyone else doing it. I was unable to move forward. I was looking for a safety net. I wanted to know ‘the rules’. I spoke with lawyers to calm my fears. They didn’t. After working with Elaine, I felt empowered. She asked brilliant questions like, “What if I make the rules?!”. I was able to give myself permission to take just one step at a time and she helped me realize that roadblocks don’t mean the end of the road. I can reassess and keep moving. Instead of letting fear stop me, Elaine helped me to trust my inner knowing, to allow my passion, ideas, and enthusiasm to lead me forward. I am amazed by the confidence I hear in my own voice now when I tell people “I’m launching my own business?”. I am excited for the future!

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