What If I Told You…

Today I started a wild writing practice for the next three weeks. An opportunity to tap into the creative unconscious in a fun and playful way; choose a prompt and then write, pen to page, for 15 minutes without stopping. 

This is one way I continue to develop my creative writing but more than that it is a practice in letting go of the need to judge or edit myself. I want to share some of this with you as I move through the process. 

Here’s some of today’s writing. The prompt… “What if I told you…” 

What if I told you I don’t want to go, because I have friends to visit instead. What if I told you the distance between us is filled with Love, that only love exists even in the distance between us. That love is the freedom to love you even tho there is distance between us. What if I told you I changed my mind again because I’m someone who can only truly know what she wants by being in the experience, by living and learning more and more about myself.

What if I told you all the things that trouble me – war, consumerism, seeing people lost in material things, jobs they hate, and relationships gone stale. What if I told you my heart aches for all those who wish to be more and do more but haven’t yet realized they already are that which they desire to be – the innate power to be what we dream because we are already perfect in our imperfections.

What if I told you I want to know what you love, what you fear, what you dream of so I can envision that dream for you. What if I told you this is my purpose, to see you in your magnificence even if it seems unattainable to you – yet. What if I told you everything you think you ‘have to’ do is bullshit and all that matters is what truly feeds your Heart and Soul.  That the feeding of heart and soul can NEVER be harmful or hurtful to anyone – including you. That when you are nourished at the Soul level you bring a beneficial, brilliant, bold, beautiful light to the world and we all need that.

What if I told you the only permission you need is your own. And, what if I told you it can be easy, liberating, and fun, playful, joyous. Because the Soul is not starchy or stuffy or serious – it is a sprightly sense of Life, aliveness that dances, sings, skips and swings, jumps rope, colors outside the lines in soft strokes, bold lines, and crazy colors because life is meant to be blissful. FOR EVERYONE! Not just you and me. Follow your bliss and give others permission to do the same. Open the Gate. Be wildly Yourself.

What if I told you this is why you are here – on this planet, in this time. Right on time. That your true essence, purpose and being is Love. What would you do differently right now? What if I told you the truth in every moment? I don’t like your hair but I love your soul. What does it matter your clothes or size, your voice or your eyes – it is your Soul I see. What if I told you…”

What I love about this practice is it doesn’t have to make any sense. It’s all about letting what comes come. No pausing to think. No editing. No stopping to choose the next ‘right’ word. 

This is writing from the Soul, and it’s part of what I invite women into when we work together, especially in group experiences. To honor what your heart has to say without judging or shaming. 

This is my love letter to you today. What if I told you that you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen? What if I told you it’s okay for you to believe you are the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

I see you, I know you, I am you.

With love,

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