Women Writing Their Lives

Transform Your Story into an Epic Journey!

September 12 - October 17, 2024

Close your eyes and let your imagination soar!

Picture yourself as the ultimate shero of your story...

Living the life you dream of…right here…right now…

Now...that's not the story your spinning...is it?

➡️ You're in that familiar cycle of being overly critical...

➡️ We get stuck in our heads, replaying every misstep or awkward comment, wondering if we're good enough or what others might think. It's tiring, isn't it?

➡️ So we shrink ourselves down, afraid to speak up or take action towards our goals...

➡️ We neglect our own needs putting other's expectations above our own wellbeing...

➡️ But deep down, we all have dreams and desires. We just keep waiting for the perfect moment to start which, lets be real, never comes...

➡️ It's time to break free from this self-doubt and constant need for validation. You are important and more than enough just as you are...

➡️ It's time to start telling a different story, one where you take the lead role, and chase after your dreams with confidence and self-love...

Hey, listen up! Here's a little secret just for you...

Life is a made up game. 

Everything...and I mean everything!

So, what's the big deal you ask?

🌟 YOU get to write an amazing story for yourself...with clarity and confidence

🌟 Well, it means you get to take charge and write your own incredible story with oodles of clarity and confidence.

🌟 You get to shape who you are and who you want to be, simply by trusting your inner voice and intuition. Pretty cool, huh?

🌟 You have the superpower to embrace every part of you, even the bits that might seem like blunders. Step into your freshest, most authentic self, and let your inner brilliance shine.

🌟 Your own thoughts about yourself are what really count, so why not choose to see yourself in the best possible light, right now? No need to wait for permission.

🌟 Gorgeous soul-sister, you have all the might to soar towards your aspirations, and I'm here to help guide you every step of the way, with kindness, understanding, and unwavering faith in YOU!


"Before working with Elaine, I would tell my old story over and over again to anyone who would listen. I was so afraid I’d never figure myself out or be happy in my life. Consciously writing this new story, I could see how the old ideas were not supporting the life I want for myself. I feel such a sense of calmness now. My happiness is 100% up to me, and I am caring for myself in a whole new way - with moment to moment awareness. I am releasing the old story and living in a deeper sense of gratitude for the life I have and the future I am creating."

The power to shape your future is in your hands.

It's time to let your imagination run wild and dream up a brand new you!

Buckle up and get ready to explore new possibilities, because this is your chance to break free from the mold and experiment with a fresh perspective.


✍️ Imagine the story that matches your inner fire

✍️ the tale that captures your soul's essence and unleashes your creative potential.

✍️ Imagine living life on your own terms, instead of following the "should" rules.

What would that look like?

How would you feel?

It's all within your grasp!

Are you feeling lost and wondering, "How do I make this happen?"

Well, hold onto your hats because we're about to go on a thrilling ride.

Close your eyes and picture the life you dream of, and then join the magic of Women Writing Their Lives. Trust us, the story you tell is the life you'll live. So, let's make it a legendary one!


Choose either...

Thursday's September 12 - October 17  11:30 am Eastern

All sessions are recorded

Hey beautiful you...

How does 7.5 hours of YOU time sound?

💞 Let's get out of that overworked brain and into the marvelous wisdom of the body with some breath work and somatic practices.

💞 And take a deep-dive into your wildest dreams and desires, to discover who you really want to be.

💞 You'll have the space to cultivate that vision and say goodbye to the old story and step into a new, soul-filled one.

💞 And, we're all in this together! You'll be part of a community of fierce women, creating their own storybook endings.

All this for just $397

Don't wait, claim your spot and let's make this happen!

elaine blais

About Your Host

I'm Elaine Blais, Certified Self-Approval Coach, Difficult Woman, Author and Spiritual Practitioner who specializes in empowering women to reclaim their personal power through The Art of Self-Approval. Through my own experiences, I've come to understand the power of embracing all aspects of oneself, even those that may be perceived as "difficult". Being a "difficult" woman is not only acceptable but powerful and I'm here to support and guide you in your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

What Others Have Said:

I had two huge successes participating in this group around boundaries and shame. I established a much needed boundary which feels loving for me and the other person, and the shame I was experiencing has entirely disappeared. I’m grateful to Elaine for creating such a safe space for me to be vulnerable to share the pain of my old story and transmute that into a new story of strength and possibility. It was also wonderful having the support and intimate sharing of the other women in this group.

"Elaine is an astute listener able to ask questions that stopped me in my tracks and brought about startling clarity. Every conversation with her leaves me feeling lighter, full of hope, and ready to face a previously insurmountable challenge. Highly recommended!”

“I was amazed at how repetitive my old thought patterns were. Elaine helped me see what was holding me back that I couldn’t see for myself. With this heightened awareness, and the understanding that I have the power to decide to change my thoughts, I am stretching into a new direction I so wanted in my life. This has opened up so many new avenues for me to explore! I breathe deep and know I am making this new life a reality.”

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Get ready to kickstart your creativity and remove any roadblocks in your path with these exciting sessions

There are two session to choose from!

Wednesdays, January 24 - February 28, 2024
11:00AM - 12:15PM Eastern


Saturdays, January 27 - March 2, 2024
10:00AM - 11:15AM Eastern

If you have to miss one...we've got you covered. All sessions will be recorded.  

How much does it cost?

All of this for just $397.00!

But wait, don't let writing experience hold you back - all you need is to be a woman with a life, and the willingness to explore new possibilities!

What should I bring?

A computer and Zoom access are a must. And don't forget to bring a journal and your favorite writing tool (and why not treat yourself to that luscious journal you've been eyeing to honor your unique story?).

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded and available through December 31.

Refund Policy.

Coaching programs are non-refundable and may be transferable upon request.

I have more questions.

Have more questions? No sweat! Get in touch with Elaine Blais directly at elaine@elaineblais.com.

Get ready to unleash your creativity!

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