What if the Whole Dang Thing is a Miracle

On my ‘get to do list’ today is replenishing our water supply.

It’s part of boat life in New England in the winter. To keep our water supply from freezing, the supply hose lies under the salt water and every few days we pull it up and fill our fresh water tank.

It’s a beautiful warm December morning. The pea soup fog of the past few days has lifted, the rain has stopped and things are looking much brighter. As I stood at the stern of the boat while the water filled, I noticed how still the water is today. 

The reflection in the still water is so realistic it looks like the trees are growing out of the water, and birds flying overhead appear to be flying under the sea. I watched as bufflehead ducks bobbed for breakfast, and wintering geese gathered.

I am reminded that it’s all a miracle. 

That simply being in this world is a miracle. You and I are miracles. I once heard that the chance of all of our ancestors surviving so that we could be here is something like one in 400 trillion. Kinda makes it seem possible to win the lottery, doesn’t it?

What if we all decided to see the miracle in everything?

The stillness of the morning. The hot coffee that’s steaming in your cup. A rain storm. Fog. Running water. Clean socks. Toothpaste and shampoo. A hot shower and a cold dip in the ocean. The warm socks you put on this morning, and the shoes you go running in. The people in your life, the work that you get to do, the air that you breathe. Miracles. Miracles. Miracles.

I know often these things seem so mundane to me. Is this just me…or you too?

But what if the miracles are in the mundane…and I’m simply overlooking them because I think miracles have to be extraordinary. But what if they are all the ordinary things of our lives? 

What if I choose to believe that my life and everything in it is a miracle? What if you do too? Everything. Even things appear to go wrong. 

I’m going to give this a try for the next few days and see what happens. 

Wanna play along?

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