Winter Fire

I subscribe to A Story Every Day from flying edna and each morning I get the story of the day in my inbox. I love the playfulness of the drawings along with the inspiration and lightness of the images and stories. 

Today’s story reads:

“It’s easy to miss the days she’s on fire. Because it’s still winter around here & she refuses to go anywhere without a heavy coat.”

This is me for sure. When the winter coat comes out, I wear it until spring. You?

I have friends that rarely put a coat on in winter. I get a chill just thinking about it.

But what really spoke to me this morning is this idea of winter fire. 

Within the darkness of winter, and under the layers of dressing, the inner fire of creativity burns in a special way. 

While the darkness invites me to spend a lot of time inward in winter, bundled under a heavy coat or a layer of blankets, winter fire’s soft flame burns longer yet less intensely, like a delicious soup simmering on the stove.  

Winter fire is where I find inspiration that fuels my creativity and keeps me motivated so that I can emerge in spring with fresh ideas and a renewed sense of purpose. 

Today, I invite you to reflect on your own winter fire. The Divine Light within. How do you nurture it through winter, and how does it keep your creatively warm?

With love,

Looking for support in the darkness so you can emerge with a new sense of self and purpose in the spring. Let’s talk.

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