Welcoming the Darkness

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year when it comes to daylight. 

As a classic introvert, I love the darkness of winter – the shorter days invite rest and the release of what has come before in anticipation of the return of the light. 

It is, for me, one more way to experience and enjoy this miraculous adventure of life.  

I know not everyone sees it this way. 

I could rebel against it, and in the past I have, but that only creates angst and frustration within me. The darkness is unmoved. 

But when I welcome it…it becomes a delicious indulgence in comfort and care. When I invite it in, I find there is nothing to fear, and I allow myself to receive its gifts and wisdom.

It invites me to slow down and nourish myself with simple pleasures of life. Fairy lights and candles, incense and lofty blankets, herbal tea and good reads. The darkness is permission for this introvert to go inward, lose myself in thought, explore my inner world and discover new ideas and insights.

We don’t often associate stillness with growth, but the trees are still very much alive inside even when they are not leafing. They need the darkness to prepare for spring, and I believe we do too. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced far more personal growth and have emerged softer and more loving through the dark times in my life.

As the days gradually get longer, I feel a sense of renewal, awakening a spark of energy that ignites a flame within me. I love watching the light return, first in seconds then minutes and seemingly all at once spring is here.

What wisdom, insight and gifts do you find in the darkness of winter?

Happy Solstice, with love,

ps: Dear sister, if you struggle with the darkness of winter, don’t go it alone. 

Reach out to me(elaine@elaineblais.com) , share what you feel with a supportive friend, or find a therapist if you feel you need extra support. Unapologetic self-approval means accepting where you are, and getting the support you need to move through the struggle.  No judgment…all compassion and love. XO

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