The Brain and the Power of Play

Yesterday, I attended the second Creative Fire Session hosted by friend and marketer Christina Frei. I love them. It’s a fun and experiential way to break up the day and shake up my energy and my marketing.

We started with writing how we love to serve our clients. Easy. 

Then, with a marketing challenge in mind, we danced for about four minutes to help shake out the cobwebs.

We, let me tell you, the moment I started moving I realized something missing from these love letters. Play.

One of the key ingredients to what I do is play because most of us are stuck in perfectionism in some way and that’s the complete opposite of play. 

Then we got out our markers and did a little drawing to capture what we experienced.

(This is my drawing…it’s crude and very playful).

My love letter to you today is an invitation to play. To be playful with your life. Your choices. How you express yourself. I believe life is always playing with us. Giving us opportunities to grow, expand, and be more of ourselves…and I believe our truest selves, our true nature is playful, joyful, lighthearted…because she knows her life is a playground of experience and love. 

I invite you to try what we did yesterday. Think of something that’s a challenge for you right now and put on some uplifting music, get moving, and see what happens. And if you’re interested in joining Christina’s Creative Fire Session, let me know.

From my playful heart with love,

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