Love Letter #8: How Do You Eat an English Muffin?

How do you eat an English muffin? This is a silly little love letter…and there’s a point as well.

You see, I have a thing for Thomas’ English muffins. I had one this morning with breakfast. To me, there is a top and a bottom. I always eat the top first because I find the bottom more crunchy…and I love that. 

But…this morning, I was distracted and ate the bottom first. OH MY!! 😱 You know what…it was just as delicious…maybe more so because I wasn’t hung up on ‘how’ to eat it. 

The fact that I noticed that I bit into the bottom first though tells you a lot about how stuck I can be in a small habit. 

I thought about how persnickety I am about this and wondered why and realized how much of a creature of habit I can be. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing…but it does make me curious what else I’m doing in such a routine way that I am missing out on a greater experience of life. 

I don’t have an answer just yet…but it’s definitely something I’m paying more attention to. 

Maybe you do or don’t eat English muffins (no judgment), but where are you stuck in a habit that is keeping you from experiencing something just as or far more delicious in this? I would love to know.

With love,

We all have our lovely little quirks and while some are quite benign, others can really be keeping us from fully expressing our truest nature and our wildest dreams. Let’s explore this together in a safe, sacred, and supportive community. Click the button and grab a seat for yourself…and don’t hesitate to invite a friend. XO

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