Love Letter #7: Working Hard and Harder

Yesterday, I shared my theory about overwhelm…that it’s there to let you know you’re living life in a way that is underwhelming to your soul. 

Today, I want to share some wisdom from Yogi, Mystic, and Visionary Sadhguru that really speaks to the idea of being out of alignment with our true nature. 

“This is a serious mistake a whole generations of people have done. That if you study, how should you study. HARD. If you work. How should you work? You must work HARD. Why didn’t they tell you you must study joyfully? Why didn’t they tell you you must work lovingly? No. You must do everything HARD. And then you complain. You complain about everything in life because you’re doing everything hard. There is substantial medical and scientific evidence to show you only when you’re in pleasant states of experience does your body and your brain work at their best


Somewhere late in my marriage, I was quite overwhelmed and I spent a lot of time beating myself up about it. I thought I ‘shouldn’t’ feel this way. I wonder what was wrong with me that I wasn’t happy with this life I believed I ‘should’ want. 

I spent a lot of time trying harder and doing more…and honestly, I simply ended up creating exhaustion, frustration and resentment for myself. I created lots of things to complain about for sure. 

Most of us are taught that life is hard, that it has to be hard, and we pride ourselves on working hard or harder. But I realize now that there is no end to this cycle of working hard then pushing ourselves harder. That it only makes life feel harder and harder…and overwhelming.

So, today, I invite you – with love and compassion – to simply become aware. You don’t have to do anything but notice (without judgment please) where you are complaining. Where you are feeling overwhelmed. Where you are being hard…on yourself. Making life hard for yourself. 

Complaining and being hard are socially acceptable and often expected – at least in this culture -so you might have to pay very close attention.

Then, if you are so inspired, pull out your journal and make some notes. Be curious about what’s going on in this complaint. Why the complaint? How this complaint makes you feel (I guarantee it’s not a pleasant feeling). 

Whatever the situation is, what would it be like if you approached it lovingly? Joyfully? What if you let it be easy? How does that feel? 

I invite you to join me in taking a softer, gentler, kinder approach to your life and everything in it. Are you game?

With love, 

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