Love Letter #6: The Truth About Overwhelm

I’ve had a theory about overwhelm for a long time. You may have heard this from me before and it’s a bit controversial…and worth repeating. 

I believe the truth is, overwhelm is a sign…a sign that you’re living a life that is UNDERWHELMING to the SOUL!

Call me crazy…I stand by this. 

When we’re in alignment with our true nature, doing things in life that bring us joy, feed our souls, and make us come alive, it’s not possible to feel overwhelmed. Even if we have many things on our plate…it doesn’t feel hard or like hard work. 

Think about what you’re doing when you lose track of time? How does it feel when you’re in this state of flow…in alignment with your true nature?

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray.”


When we’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re usually doing things out of obligation, a sense of responsibility to others, or because we’ve come to believe we have to, need to, should or shouldn’t. 

Think about things you feel you should or shouldn’t do? Things you think you have to do. How does that feel in your body? Heavy? Tight? Contracted? Hum…why do you think that is?

When I first began to see it this way, it was a huge relief…because I could see that overwhelm is something I can change. I have the power to choose where I place my time, attention, and energy (life’s currency). 

Feeling overwhelmed? Notice what you’re doing and ask yourself…is this supporting the life I want to live? You’ll know the truth by the way it feels.

With love,

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