Love Letter #24: What If We Get Lost?

Today, as my family begins to make end-of-life decisions for my  mother, I want to tell you a bit about her because I am realizing just now how much she has influenced who I am today. 

My mother had a tough upbringing. I didn’t realize how tough until recent years. I’ve heard her angrily tell herself she’s stupid more than once, especially in her frustration as memory loss began to take hold.

My mother was anything but stupid. Someone once told her she is stupid, and she believed it all her life. 

She didn’t have the education she may  have liked, but she read a lot, and could always kick my ass at crossword puzzles and Jeopardy. She would have loved to travel, but my father had no desire. So, in her mind, that was that. 

Every now and then, when I was a young girl, she would lean over as we were doing dishes from Sunday afternoon dinner and whisper, “Get in the car. We’re going for a ride”. 

She and I  would wander through backroads for an hour or so before returning home. I don’t recall that we talked about anything but the landscape and the smell of manure. This was her way of having a little travel adventure. 

When we came to an unfamiliar road she would say, “let’s go this way. We’ve never been down here before”.  I remember asking once or twice, “But what if we get lost?”

She smiled and said, “We can always go back the way we came”.

That’s exactly what she is doing now. Going back the way she came.

I’m grateful she gave me this desire to wander and travel. But there’s more…she is truly a big part of why I live my life as I do, and do the work I do today.

Because every  woman deserves to experience the adventure of a lifetime. 

To trust what she desires is valid and Life wants to use her to expand its horizons.

My mother taught me to see and have faith in my abilities because she didn’t believe in her own. 

It’s my mission to empower women to have faith in themselves and their abilities, and the confidence that their dreams and aspirations are worthwhile.

Life is full of roads we’ve never been down before, and it’s up to each woman to embrace those possibilities with a fearless heart.

You are worthy, capable, and deserving of all the happiness and success that life has to offer. 

Life will give us as much as we are willing to receive. My mother had many limits on what she thought was possible, and her life expanded as much as she would allow. 

My hope for you is that you are willing to challenge the limits that have been imposed on your life – by yourself or others – and give yourself permission to explore your deepest  desires, and live them. 

With love,

Sometimes, on the way to our desires, we can feel a bit lost and we need an adventure guide to help us on the journey. Let’s talk about your adventure, and how I can support you on the journey.

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