Love Letter #23: The Middle of Sacred Space

It was 32 degrees this morning as I walked Gracie…which feels like a heatwave after the past week’s temperatures. 

I came across this quote from Pema Chodron in my reading this morning and it couldn’t be more fitting for my life right now. It might serve you as well. 

No matter what comes along, we’re always standing at the center of the world in the middle of sacred space, and everything that comes into that circle and exists with us there has come to teach us what we need to know. Life’s work is to wake up, to let the things that enter into the circle wake you up rather than put you to sleep.

~Pema Chodron / The Wisdom of No Escape

This quote has come into the sacred space where I stand – to teach me. 

These past few weeks have been heavy for me and many of the people in my community. This quote served as a beautiful reminder that I am always standing in the middle of sacred space no matter how it feels in the moment. When I breathed in that line, I felt my body relax, a sense of peace to welcome what comes and let go of what needs to og. 

This isn’t always easy, is it?

We are creatures of comfort, you and I. 

I’ve been contemplating what I see as the ultimate paradox. The soul of us that desires diversity, experience, depth and expansion has made its home in this equipment we call a body, complete with a brain and ego that are intent on keeping us safe and comfortable. 

I believe it’s the soul that relaxes when I consciously know that everything is sacred. That this physical world is a playground for expansion, even if the brain is afraid we’re going to die if we try something new, something uncomfortable. 

We have the unique ability to be aware of our awareness. To witness our thoughts, to tune into our inner wisdom – which I believe is the soul, the Thing Itself (God) to quote Ernest Holmes. The part of you and me that is Infinite. 

Perhaps this reflection today is me connecting with my own physical mortality as my mother’s life is coming to an end? I’m the next generation that will pass from this physical plane.

Or maybe I’m simply waking up more to the sacredness of what is as Pema notes. Perhaps a little bit of both…or something I’ve yet to be aware of. 

What I do know for certain is that no matter how heavy these weeks have been, this too shall pass. When I look at my life from the inside out and become aware of my awareness, I am deeply grateful. Blessed to live a full, beautiful, bountiful and amazing life. 

With love,

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