Love Letter #14: When the Best Choice Feels Sad

Today, I’m writing this love letter with a heavy heart ❤️‍🩹.

A decision was made in my spiritual community to not renew our minister’s contract. 

It wasn’t an easy decision and one made prayerfully and with due diligence. It’s absolutely the best choice for the wellbeing of our community and still it feels sad. 

Yesterday, I wrote about learning to disappoint others so you’re not always disappointing yourself. This is especially true for those of us who are or have been people-pleasers. And I stand by this wholeheartedly. 

And still…choices that bring about change can be hard…particularly when they affect others’s lives. 

I know in my heart and soul this is the best choice for the greater good of the community…it still feels unsettling. Everything is changing, there’s much uncertainty, and that feels disorienting in the moment. 

If you know me at all, you know I believe that the highest good is being served here for everyone, including the minister. That only good can come from this and love makes the way easy. And all of this is true…and…

I also want you to know that sometimes, even the best choices can leave you feeling sad…and it’s completely okay to feel that way. 

With love, 

It’s okay to feel the way you feel…that’s a big part of learning to approve of yourself unapologetically.

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