Love Letter #15: Walking the Edge

This morning, on a call with a group of amazing women, the term ‘edge walkers’ came up. I love this term and I’m adopting it. I am an edge walker!

An edge walker is someone who embraces life on the edge and is willing to go beyond their comfort zone, try new things, and see what happens. They’ve become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Someone who is willing to feel the fear and be themselves anyway. 

Being an edge walker is a practice – like anything else – you get better at it little by little over time. 

I recall a colleague in a corporate job I had years ago saying to me, “You scare me. I never know what you’re up to.” I think I’d been a closeted edge walker all my life. 

I am learning every day how to embrace change, to create the change I want to see, and express myself more and more authentically. Peeling away layers of self-doubt.  

Does everything always turn out swimmingly? Nope. Am I learning all the time? Yes. Do I trust myself to try again, try something new, shift directions if need be. Absolutely. 

Now, I know how perfectionism can get in the way of making change in your life. It ruled my life for ages. It kept me from taking risks to express my fullest potential. It can also feel like I’m all alone at times…but I assure you there are lots of other edge walkers in the world ready to welcome me – and you – in. 

Leaning into being an edge walker means ditching the ways culture defines success and deciding what it means for me. No longer comparing where I am to others and feeling ‘not enough’ as a result.  Radically trusting myself to be who I am…and express myself authentically and unapologetically. To do those things that seem crazy, are edgy, and feel like joy.

It also means being vulnerable and the potential for criticism…which scares me still. How about you? 

But what I have come to realize in my own life, and I’ve seen in my clients, is that not being myself is too high a price to pay. Besides, being like everyone else is boring. It’s an insult to my own self-worth. 

Being an edge walker comes down to choosing your discomfort. The discomfort of staying stuck and often trying to hold onto life as we know it, or the discomfort of unfurling your freak flag and embracing your true nature. 

If you’re thinking about making a change and being an edge walker in your own unique way…I can help.


Explore your deepest desires, and create a new narrative that will empower your life. Let’s spend 30 minutes together and get started right now!

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