Love Letter #96: Why It’s Okay to Be a Quitter

Are you a quitter?

I often see things – people and memes – telling you not to quit. 

Don’t be a quitter. Quitting is bad. Nobody likes a quitter. 🤔…hum.

Maybe you were brought up this way? I sure was. I was ridiculed for quitting that game on the playground. I loved making things and crafting, and my mother would get exasperated with me because I’d quit one thing to begin something else. Aren’t you going to finish that? 

If I’m honest, I’ve always been a quitter of things I lost interest in or simply didn’t love (like dodgeball). 

When I was a young mom searching for something for myself, I trained as a hairstylist and then as a realtor. I quit hairdressing before I started working as one, and left real estate after my first sale. These things were good experiences but never made my heart sing. 

I’ve worked for a few companies for five and ten-year spans but never had the same job in those companies for more than two years. 

There was a time when I believed something was wrong with my “quit-ability”. There was a time when I thought something must be wrong with me. I must be lazy. Why aren’t I more motivated? 

But over time, I realized how this ability has helped me to understand my creative spirit. I love starting something new. In the corporate world, I took jobs that excited me because I got to create something. Once the program was up and running, I’d be looking for the next thing to feed that creative spirit. 

There is nothing wrong with quitting. Worse, in my opinion, is lingering in what no longer feeds your soul and letting it suck the joy out of life.

This is why it’s completely okay to quit. I have learned so much about myself, what I love, and what I am capable of because I dared to quit what no longer served me. 

In 2015 I quit corporate life after a quarter decade. That life was an incredible education. My last corporate job paid for my undergraduate degree. I was blessed with many great opportunities and learned from lots of people, some amazing and others not so much. All of them taught me something.

All of that experience taught me that it was time for me to do something that felt more purposeful to me; aligned with who I had become, not who I was when I began that journey. I had to stop climbing and get off that ladder. It wasn’t my ladder. 

I quit being a homeowner in 2022, sold everything, and hit the road in my RV. intended to live a nomadic life full-time. I learned how little I truly need to be happy. I missed home after a few months and opted for part-time nomad instead. 

Accepting my “quit-ability” is what led me to coaching and serving women through The Art of Self-Approval. 

Life isn’t something to be endured, it is here to be created. To live it fully, and you get to create it for yourself. To create it in a way to feeds your soul, and in doing so, nourishes the world around you. Are you ready for that? 

Let’s stop judging ourselves for anything, including “quitting”, and start celebrating ourselves for the lives we choose to create and live and live the adventure we came here to be.

With love,

If you are ready to start working with a life coach or want to learn more about the impact that coaching can have in your life, let’s talk. 

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