Love Letter #95: Can You See the Fullness of This One Moment?

This morning has been full…chock full of goodness, gifts, and life. 

In meditation this morning I was contemplating this concept: “Many things, a million things, a billion things, everything, had to go right for me, and you, to be here now.”

Before you read on, I invite you to sit with this. Close your eyes, and breathe it in for yourself. Everything. EVERYTHING has gone right. You are here. Not just one thing. Not just that thing you think went right. EVERYTHING. You are meant to be here. 

Can you see the immense fullness of this moment? The culmination of everything in your life up until now? 

Often, we dwell on what we lack instead of appreciating what we have, or where we are yet to go rather than where we currently stand. We tend to focus on who we are not, rather than embracing our entirety unapologetically. Despite our perceived shortcomings, we lack nothing and everything has unfolded as it is meant to, leading us to where we are now.

We often get caught up in how things didn’t go the way we thought they “should” and dwell on our mistakes. Is this just me…or is this you too? 

In a call this week with my prayer partner, I shared a situation that triggered feelings of unworthiness. I have learned that feelings are merely information and not a judgment of value. 

When I experience these emotions, I’ve come to recognize this as my younger self longing to feel important. By acknowledging and embracing this inner child, I have been able to release my emotions and open myself up to new possibilities. 

So, this morning recognizing how all of my life has gone right, I turned to gratitude. I am grateful for the moments, the experiences, the mistakes, the challenges, the feelings, and the ability to know my value and worth regardless of any experience or what anyone else thinks. 

It has taken a lot of practice to get here, and for that too, I am grateful.

With love and empowerment,

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