Love Letter #90: How To Make Sacred Choices…

…despite cultural noise.

I was thinking about decision-making today and how, in my life, decisions have become sacred choices. 

Think about it. If we are spiritual BEings, living in a spiritual world, having a human experience (or a spiritual experience?) then one could easily conclude that each choice or decision we make is sacred. Would you agree?

Often, those choices are clouded by cultural noise and disaffirming beliefs. 

Cultural noise is everything we hear from the outside. Other’s opinions and unsolicited advice. A plethora of media vying for our attention and our dollars and doing its utmost to create self-doubt and fuel any need we may have for external validation. It’s hard not to see it, and hear it, and get caught up in it at times. 

Internal beliefs are another thing altogether. They are the stories we tell ourselves often about what we are not or don’t have rather than celebrating and honoring ourselves for who we are, as we are. Those stories are the blueprint for the life we are living. 

Decision-making can be downright exhausting and feel confusing in light of all this. And, we don’t have to allow it to be. You and I have the power to see everything we are and everything we do as sacred. You are a sacred being; we all are. But I think we often forget that in our day-to-day goings on. 

One way to change this, to step out of culture and make decisions from this sacred understanding, is to see everything as sacred. Every tiny choice and decision you make all day long. If this sounds hokey to you, that’s okay. I welcome your perspective and would love to talk with you about that. 

To me, everything is holy. Everything. Even the cultural noise. When I began to see everything this way, it was much easier to let things be and tune into my own inner wisdom. 

Imagine you’re looking for a new car. All your friends want to give you advice. One tells you not to buy car X because she had a bad experience. This is okay for her, but you have no idea what her inner dialog and landscape were when buying this car. Perhaps she bought this car from advice from someone else, or perhaps she purchased it out of anger or desperation because her old car kept breaking down. 

Another friend may be delighted with her car and thinks you should choose that kind of car. Again, this is okay for her. You can’t truly know what matters most to her in a car even if she tells you, because it’s her inner landscape and dialog that really matters and most of us don’t know what that is. We’re not paying attention. 

These things matter more than most of us realize. 

When we think of our decisions as sacred choices, they are no longer big decisions, small decisions, or hard decisions. They are choices that we get to make to take care of ourselves and honor ourselves, our desires, our preferences, and our needs. No matter what, no one can tell us what that is. 

When making decisions, trust yourself to know what’s best for you – regardless of the outside noise. And, pay close attention to your inner dialog. What story are you telling? 

Are you holding this decision as a sacred honor to be here making it? And are you facing it with uncertainty or confidence that you can navigate each step successfully? 

That choice is yours and you can start small. What sacred choice are you making right now?

With love, 

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