Love Letter #91: Unlearning Self-hate

I was driving to visit my mother today and there are daffodils everywhere right now. Bright and beautiful. And I wondered, as I drove, why it is so easy for us to see beauty in nature, and so difficult to see it in ourselves. We are nature, too. 

Self-love isn’t about learning to love yourself. It’s not about learning to love your body either. 

Self-love is unlearning all the ways we have learned to hate ourselves. 

And we have learned many. Self-love is when we truly wake up and unlearn every shitty message that has been deeply imprinted on our souls. Every story that has us believing we are unworthy, lacking, or unlovable. 

Let me remind you. Your lovability is your ability to love. It has nothing to do with anyone else, and that love begins with yourself first.

Life is perfect. A divine design. That includes you, too. You are nature. You are life. You are loved. You are perfect. Not perfection…there is no such thing…but perfect as you are.

You may well want to argue this point with me. Okay. 

But before you do, I invite you to notice. 

Notice what it is you want to argue about; and what point you want to make.

Notice if you are telling me that you are too much of one thing, or not enough of something else…then pause…

And listen to how those words feel as they move through your body. 

Because your body is listening…listening to every word, taking it in, and becoming that which you believe. 

Tell yourself how much you love and appreciate yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful you are. Tell yourself how much you appreciate every aspect of who you were, who you are, who you have become…and watch yourself come alive. 

No more self-improvement. Nothing to fix. Because self-love is unlearning all the ways we have learned to hate ourselves. And that’s an inside job. 

With love,

I’m here to support you on your journey into greater self-approval and love. If this interests you, schedule a complimentary session with me here. You have nothing to lose. 

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