Love Letter #89: Stop Trying and Love Yourself

This year of love letters is really about celebrating the woman within. The woman within you and me. The woman we so often dismiss, disparage, and disappoint. 

What if we stopped trying to love ourselves and simply loved ourselves – as we are, in this moment, right now. Disheveled hair, with or without makeup, regardless of shape and size, education, bank accounts, or where you live. Nothing but loving yourself. What do you think about that? 

I think in all our trying to be someone, searching, seeking, and striving, this is truly what we desire. To be completely at home in ourselves. Unconditionally. Period. Full Stop

To accept ourselves fully is a powerful act of self-compassion and love. Imagine embracing all aspects of yourself – the flaws, the imperfections, the vulnerabilities – and recognizing that they are what make you divinely and beautifully human. How does that feel?

Loving oneself unconditionally also means paying attention to what is no longer aligned with who we are. When something in life – a job, relationship, situation, way of living or being – no longer feels true for you, the dissatisfaction will only grow over time. The universe will keep knocking on the door of your heart, begging you to listen. 

When this happens, we only have a few options. 

We can accept it an learn to live with it.

We can suppress it, hoping it will go away on 

These choices often lead to anxiety, frustration, resentment, or depression. 

Or we can choose to take action to change it. 

Living a purposeful life is not just what I help my clients do for themselves. It’s a personal commitment I’ve made to myself through soulful decision-making, and the Art of Self-Approval. 

This involved making tough choices that demanded introspection, courage, faith, and trust. Decision-making can be challenging, and necessary for us to expand and evolve; to move to higher ground. 

Decision-making is one of my superpowers, along with the ability to envision what’s possible for my clients before they can. 

If you feel deep-down it’s time for change in your life, I’d love to talk with you this week. Together, we can explore your current situation, talk about what you truly desire, and how I can help you get there. 

You deserve to celebrate and love yourself fiercely and unapologetically. 

You have nothing to lose by scheduling some time with me here

With love,

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