Love Letter #84: Unwrapping Life

Imagine, each day as you wake, you are given a gift to unwrap.

A beautiful, bright, sparkling package of moments. 

Everyday, ordinary moments, wrapped in paper the color of sunshine; tied up with ribbons that flow like water, and a tag – your name scrolled out in calligraphy with an invitation to look inside. 

Imagine the curiosity, the excitement, the anticipation and childlike wonder rising within you as your eyes take it all in. You run your hand over the gift, feel the silkiness of the ribbon, bathe in the joy of this moment; this now.

Imagine this is how you begin every single day.  Rising, and ever so slowly, intentionally, and lovingly unwrap each new day, each moment in that day. 

The moments of feeling your body come alive and awake; of your feet as they touch the floor, of your legs as you rise out of bed and stand. 

You take in the warmth of the shower water dancing on your body, the soft scent of soap seeping into your awareness. Each piece of clothing, lovingly placed on your person. The smell of coffee brewing and the deliciousness of each sip. 

Are you with me?

Imagine, as you continue on with your morning, you keep unwrapping the splendor of this gift one moment at a time and  throughout your day. With each encounter with another, in the work you do in the world, as you move about the market, the library, the gas station – in traffic. 

The gift of each day… the moments, the taste and feel of them, the energy they possess are all what you design them to be. You set the tone for this gift. The gift is here for you to become what you welcome into it, and what you are willing to receive from it. 

Exciting, isn’t it. To know you are the one deciding how this day will feel; what you will take out of the gift and what you will bring to this day, this life, this world. Because, the gift does not bring itself to you, you beautiful soul are the bringer of the gift. 

What, dear heart, will you choose to bring today?

With love,

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