Love Letter #83: Love is the New Frontier

Yesterday I attended a monthly Phenomenal Women Drinking Coffee gathering. As always the conversation is deep and weird and so yummy!

We pulled a card from Tosha Silver’s Wild Offerings deck to start the conversation. The card we pulled was LOVE. 

This prompted me to share a conversation I’ve had several times recently about moving from resistance into love. 

There is a lot of turmoil in the world, and our conditioned responses to these situations are typically to argue for who’s right or wrong, to retaliate, or to push against. To join the “resistance”. But I have long believed this only adds more fuel to the fire that’s already burning. 

What we truly need is LOVE from a firehose. 

More love. Love for those who are suffering and love for those who are creating that suffering because I believe they too are suffering. I know how controversial this may sound because we live in a culture of reward and punishment. 

But I envision a world of love and compassion instead. 

And, how has resistance truly changed anything?  What we resist persists, does it not? 

Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes: 

“People on the fringes aren’t really on the fringes – they are on the frontiers. The trees, the leaves, and the flowers don’t grow from the center, they grow from the edges…the things that we see from the edges of our visions, the things that we see from the very edges of our hearts – that are outside the purview of most people – that’s where development, innovation, creativity, invention come from.”

Up until now, I thought I was on the fringes. Weirdo. 😜 I’ve been told I don’t live in “reality”…but then who’s reality are we talking about? What is real to each of us is very individualized.

I believe we are at a tipping point in consciousness. We are collectively moving into a higher consciousness, and the chaos we witness is an old paradigm struggling to survive in an ever-evolving world. Love is the new frontier, the new consciousness. 

I’m talking about love in its truest form. Love for each other, for humanity, for the planet, for Life Itself. Fearless. Limitless. Infinite. Love that recognizes the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. Love that can be with the suffering of the world, yet still rise above and see beyond it.

Lately, I’ve been asking myself some questions from the very edges of my heart, and I offer them to you today if you are so inclined to join this new frontier. 

💛 “In what ways can I speak love into the world today?”

💛 “If I am love (and I believe we all are), where am I allowing the world’s fears to limit the love that I am?”

💛 “A rising tide lifts all boats – how can I lift up the world in love today?”

💛 “Who do I want to be?”

I don’t have a clear answer at the moment. But I do know that love is the solution and the more I focus on being love, the more it will inform how I show up in the world. Perhaps, that IS the answer. 

With love,

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