Love Letter #74: What Does it Mean to Love

As I drove down the road late this afternoon behind a car with a decal in the back window declaring “I LOVE” followed by the name of a local car dealer, I had an interesting thought. A quirky idea. What if I had my own sign that simply read, “I LOVE”. Full stop. No attachment to a brand or anything at all. Just the pure declaration of love.

The simplicity of the idea stayed with me, and I found myself reflecting on what that might look like. A spontaneous outpouring of affection directed towards the very essence of love itself. A celebration of the concept of love in its most pure yet abstract form.

We typically attach the idea of love to things and people. But if we are love, then the idea that I Love seems totally in alignment to me. 

The more I thought about this idea of loving, period, I couldn’t help but wonder about its significance. What does it truly mean to love without conditions or qualifiers? To strip away attachment to things or people and bask solely in the act of loving itself?

This idea transcends the boundaries of conventional understanding, inviting a deeper curiosity about love and its profound effect on our lives.

We often hear that we are incarnations of Love, yet affirmations like these can lose their impact as we go about our daily lives. In this moment of contemplation, I found myself reconnecting with that truth. To be love, to embody love, is not merely a platitude but a profound realization of our inherent capacity for compassion, empathy, and connection with the world around us.

It’s a reminder that love is not just something we give or receive, but a state of being in which we exist. 

What do you think? Should I get that decal simply stating, “I LOVE”? 

Does the idea of expressing love in its purest form resonate with you? How do you interpret the concept of loving, period, detached from specific objects or individuals? I’m curious to hear your reflections and insights on this idea.

With love,

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