Love Letter #75: A Place Packed With Love

I’m sitting in a café this morning writing to you. As I look around, I realize this place is packed with love. If we are all incarnations of the divine, of Love Itself, then here in this place, in this moment is love and it’s a packed house!

There’s an older couple doing the daily crossword. Three women listen intently to each other. A business meeting is taking place to my left, and three men – one who seems to have had a stroke – are drinking coffee and talking with their hands. Students with laptops, and a young woman sitting on the tan leather couch reading intently by the fireplace. 

Behind the counter, more love. 

Women serving up cups of love and delicious treats. And it’s loud. Love can be soft and quiet, and it can be loud and boisterous. Love is as diverse as we are. All 8.1 billion of us.

If Love is everywhere, then it’s also in the car wash across the street, the post office next door, the traffic moving down Post Road, and the person on the corner asking for change. There are NO exceptions.

Love is what we are. Love is who we are. Love is inherent in each one of us.

It really doesn’t matter what we’ve done or not done in life.

I didn’t always see it this way and there was a time when it was easy for me to think some people are just assholes.

But that’s my opinion…not the truth.

I have no idea what their life experiences are like. What trauma they carry. What their experience of love has or hasn’t been.

That doesn’t make them less than. They are no less an incarnation of the divine. They are not less deserving of love. This is where love is most needed and often hardest to be because it brings up our own shadows; the parts of us we believe are unlovable.

But there’s a saying used in coaching, “You spot it, you got it.” Meaning what you see in others is in you. What I experience in others that sets me off, irritates me, angers or frustrates me, is a part of me that I don’t want to look at. A blind spot about myself.

It’s much easier to pass judgment than to look at our own stuff, isn’t it? 

If I am truthful, I too have been and can be an asshole to others. Once I can admit that, I can be more compassionate with myself and everyone else. 

Whatever I see in another is always me meeting something in myself. 

This love letter is to invite you to notice. To notice all the places packed with love. To notice the moments when it feels like love is not present, and ask yourself, “How am I that?”, and see if you can find your way to compassion for you and the other.

You’ll begin to experience greater inner peace, and inner peace is the pathway to a more peaceful world.

With love,

How we feel directs everything we do and experience in our lives. Feelings truly is the secret. Join me for the study and practice of “Feeling is the Secret” (Neville Goddard), and explore the art of realizing what you desire in your life. 

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