Love Letter #73: Imagination is Fire from Heaven

I was reading Ernest Holmes this morning when this quote jumped out at me;

“True imagination is not fanciful daydreaming; it is fire from heaven”.

Ernest Holmes

Oh, my goddess, I love this so much! Goosebumps…

I’ve been in the study and practice of metaphysics and religious science (not to be confused with scientology) for nearly a decade, and have come to deeply understand that all things come from within – from our subconscious.

To create something new or different in your life, you must begin to embed that idea into the subconscious mind in order to realize the desire.

Think of the desire – the idea you imagine – as a seed and the subconscious mind as the soil in which the idea can germinate and grow. That seed needs to be fertilized with feeling and faith in order to manifest.

Everything in our visible reality came out of our subconscious. You also have the freedom (free will) to select any concept of yourself you desire.

Think about this for a moment or two, because there is likely a thing or two in your visible reality, in your life today,  that you’re not crazy about and would like to change. You chose them. 

Before you get your panties in a bunch, no one is blaming you for anything. And yes, there’s a lot of stuff in the world that is outside of your control. Nevertheless, you are in charge of yourself and your experience of life. Often, we are creating our experience based on old beliefs and feelings planted years ago in our subconscious.

“Change the conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live.”

Neville Goddard
  • This means, if you want more peace in your life, know what peace feels like to you, and be that. 
  • If you want more money in your life, know how you feel to be prosperous, and be that. 
  • If you want a loving relationship in your life, know what that feels like to you, and become that.

The world around you will change because you are seeing with new eyes. You are looking through the lens of peace or prosperity or love, rather than chaos or lack.

I hope you’re hearing this…it’s important to understand especially if you find yourself feeling stuck in your life or having lots to complain about. Those feelings you’re having matter more than you may realize. 

There is an intrinsic connection between feeling and what you experience in your life. 

I’ve mentioned some changes taking place in my life, and as I move through this, I’ve begun to imagine something new, something more in my life. So, the idea of imagination being” fire from heaven” just feels soul-deep delicious to me.

If you’re with me…I’ve got matches…we ride at dawn!! 

Living into the fullness of the life you are here to live means believing in order to see what you desire. To truly believe that you already are it.

With love,

Set your imagination on fire for the life you desire…grab your seat for “Feeling is the Secret” – a study and practice in the art of realizing your desire.

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