Love Letter #70: A Divine Idea

“You are a divine idea in the mind of God”.

This is the message I heard this morning. It means we are all powerful beyond measure. That we are here on purpose to live into the fullness of our most authentically expressed selves.

That each individual, including you and me, is a divine concept in the Mind of the One Source of Life.

Sit with that for a moment. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Nothing. Never has been. Never will be.

We’re conditioned to see from the outside in. What someone looks like. How they live. Where they live. The car they drive. The money they have. The relationships, homes, and neighbors they keep. But none of this truly matters.

Not your background or education or lack of. Not a single mistake matters to Source. It does not pass judgment. We do.

You are divinely human, meant to be here on this planet at this moment. You belong.

When we embrace this concept that we are each a divine idea in the mind of God, it can lead us to a transformative self-perception and change how we view ourselves, our life, and others.

Suddenly self-judgment, criticism, and worry have no meaning. They are experiences we have so that we can look more closely at who we are being.

“I am a divine idea in the mind of God”.

How does it feel to affirm this to yourself?

Are there any parts of you resisting or dismissing this?

This is your conditioning. What you’ve learned to think about yourself. It is not the truth of who you are. The stories about who the world thinks we “should” be, not who we truly are.

Acknowledging our inherent worth is a significant source of solace and strength, especially in times of self-doubt and adversity. When life feels hard, it sure helps me to recognize that I am one with the Infinite, nothing is impossible.

Today, lovely human, I invite you to embrace your divine essence and allow this to nourish you.

This love letter is a gentle nudge to see your own divinity as the Source of empowerment in your life. To see yourself in a truer light, more capable and powerful than you have been led to believe, always co-creating the life you are living with Infinite.

I invite you to become intimate with the Infinite within you and embrace your divine essence. This is an act of radical self-love, and a pathway to greater self-acceptance, compassion, and a deeper connection with the divine life you embody and express.

I see you as the light that you are. AS a divine idea coming into full self-expression as you. You are intimate with the Infinite. I see this as the truth of you, me, and everyone. I invite you to look within and see it for yourself, too. 

With love,

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