Love Letter #67: Life Love & Inherent Self-Worth

Today, I simply want to remind you that you are worthy. Worthy of love. Worthy of life. Of all that you desire in this life. 

You beautiful soul, have nothing, zero things to prove to anyone. You belong in this world and are an integral part of life on this planet today. There is no doubt in my mind about this. None. 

You are a unique and valuable individual, deserving of happiness and fulfillment, just as you are. 

I don’t say this lightly, and there was a time when I doubted this for myself. 

But that is constantly changing. Deepening my understanding of the worthiness that has always existed…even when I couldn’t see it. 

Today, I invite you to embrace your own worthiness. 

To recognize that what you desire is Life divinely operating through you…you are here to fulfill Its desires as your own. To do so with joy, inner peace, ease, and grace.

Don’t confuse ease with being easy…because fulfilling these desires will take you way out of your comfort zone. They are intended to grow you for the evolution of Life itself. It’s kind of a cool assignment if you think about it.  

Each one of us deserves to live life authentically and confidently, knowing we are enough just as we are. To embody worthiness, to know it and feel it deep in our bones, and let it guide us towards a life filled with love, joy, and endless possibilities. 

You have unlimited potential in a universe of infinite possibilities. But…it all comes down to what you believe. Your perceptions of yourself and your life. What you think is or isn’t possible. 

Everything you desire in life begins and ends with you believing in your own worth.

Are you willing to think of yourself and see yourself as divinely human and infinitely worthy?

I promise you…this is a game changer. 

Or, maybe this question makes you shrink a bit?

I get it…because we’re not taught to think of ourselves as powerful creative beings. But we are all made of the same God stuff. You. Me. That big oak tree. Same. Connected. One life. 

We are taught that we are “only human”…so this takes some unlearning, relearning, rewiring of those amazing brain synapses. This takes daily practice to live into that deep, unshakable worthiness. And, your life will always be a reflection of how you see yourself. Think about that.

I am on this journey with you. Shifting. Changing. Evolving. Seeing my own self-worth in ways I’ve never considered before. It’s powerful and beautiful. And, so are you! 

So, today, I want to leave you with a few questions to ask yourself. Questions that may help you begin to unlock a deeper self-worth inherent in your being. My hope is that your answers surprise and delight you. 

They might scare you a bit too…and that’s okay. Remember…evolving into full self-worth means stepping beyond what is comfortable. 

I invite you to take a little time over the next few days and reflect on these questions…

  • If you truly knew your worth, how innately beautiful and powerful you are, what would you envision for yourself?
  • Who would you be?
  • What is holding you back right now from being this version of yourself?
  • What one thing could you let go of right now – one thought, one tiny habit, one belief – that is keeping you from stepping into this version of yourself?

Be honest with yourself and pay attention to the thoughts that limit you because that’s where your worthiness work begins. 

You have nothing to prove. Only the truest version of yourself to express.

With love,

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