Love Letter #66: Feeling Groovy

Walking Gracie this morning, I found myself singing Simon & Garfunkel 59th Street Bridge song. You might know it as, feeling groovy. 

I’ve been reading and practicing from the book, Feeling It the Secret by Neville Goddard, and getting ready to lead a group of women in the study and practice of the book. Feeling groovy, being in the feeling of your desired state of being, is the secret of this tiny yet powerful book.

It’s not always easy to stay in the groovy feeling of what is desired in your life. As an example, I had braces put on my teeth yesterday and my mouth is quite uncomfortable. For breakfast I had a smoothie to avoid chewing. But I needed something much more substantial by early afternoon. Who knew chewing salad could be so difficult.

I chose to have this done, and I am knowing that it is exactly what I asked for. I’d been challenged with crowded teeth much of my life, and as I’ve aged, my teeth have shifted and not for the better. I’d been wanting to get this corrected.

For quite some time, I kept arguing for my limitations. I believe it was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it. Lies fostered by old fears of not having enough. This always translates into “I’m not enough”.

I kept telling myself I didn’t “need” to do this. Which is true. But that’s also an old message from my youth that it wasn’t okay to want something you didn’t actually need.

Once I let shifted to feeling the abundance of my life, it became a no brainer to get this done. And, the discomfort will pass…it’s all temporary.

Today’s love letter is a personal invitation for you to join me on this adventure of self-discovery and learning how to practice feeling your way to what you want. To believe what you desire into being.

Feeling is more definitely the secret.

If you’re up for this…you can get all the information and register here.

There is a small fee for this experience because, for this to work for you, you must be willing to make a commitment to yourself, and putting some money where your dreams are sends a message to the Universe that this is important to you.

Over 5 weeks we’ll explore the language, content, and context of this book, put the practice into place in our personal live, share our experiences and support one another in realizing our desires. It’s a virtual experience – you can attend from anywhere.

I hope you’ll join me and get your groove on so you can believe what you want to believe and see what you want to see in your life.

With love

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