Love Letter #64: Pockets Full of Confetti

For the month of March, the Monday morning conversations I take part in are focused on the concept of “Pride”.

It seemed an odd word to discuss at first, but the conversation was anything but odd. There were also more questions than answers.

We talked about the definition of pride. How easy it seems to be to have pride in and for others, but often we struggle with being proud of ourselves. A friend of mine had an art exhibit this weekend, her first. I’ve witnessed her journey to this moment and I am incredibly proud of her.

We seem to live in a culture where we only take pride when we do something hard, overcome a challenge. If it comes easy, can we still take pride?

Do I need others to be proud of me, or can I be proud of myself no matter what?

The question I loved most as a Self-Approval Coach was this one; “How would our inner landscape be different if we did celebrate all those “little” things?”

When I think of my inner landscape, I think of my vibrational point of attraction. What vibration am I creating within myself?

We are about 80% water, these glorious bodies of ours. If you imagine for a moment your body is a crystal-clear lake – a body of water. If you drop a pebble into the center, it creates ripples that extend outward. We create these ripples through our thoughts and the feelings those thoughts evoke. Loving thoughts create a loving vibration, angry thoughts create a completely different vibration. We get to choose the vibration we create.

Which makes me wonder if feeling proud and celebrating ourselves moment-to-moment is the real activity of living?

What if we shift our mindset from one of having to struggle and work hard to one of living joyfully no matter what?

What if we stopped needing to achieve and instead go with the flow and allow life to unfold?

These questions might sound scary or foolish. I get it. It’s definitely not what we are conditioned to think or believe, at least not in the western culture. Nevertheless, what if you let yourself imagine a different kind of life altogether?

A life where you trust that all your needs are always met and surrender to that trust?

What if we stop trying to figure out who we are and what’s next, and trust that we are joy, love, compassion, and success and let that be who we are? No judgment of anyone or yourself.

What if we choose to be more and struggle less?

Who would we be? How would changing the world within us, change the world around us?

One of the women suggested we all walk around with pockets full of confetti, tossing it about each time we did something ordinary.

I love that idea.

And, as Albert Einstein said, there are two ways to live life. As though nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle.

I choose the later which means you and I are miracles too. It couldn’t be any other way.

So today, I invite you to pause and ask yourself, “how can I celebrate who I am in this moment”. Then cue the confetti and let that ripple out into the world.

With love,

Hey Friend, I’d love for you to be throwing confetti around yourself all the time. So let’s talk about the ripple you’re making in the world and who you truly want to be. Book a clarity call with me today.

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