Love Letter #51: The Magic You Make

I have always believed in magic…not the slight of hand kind…but in the genuine, mystical, everyday ways life mirrors who we truly are. You, dear heart, are magic!

Words are threads weaving together a cosmic tapestry; the very fabric of our reality. Language matters, and words have power. That’s exactly why we call it “spell-ing” – each syllable we utter is a tiny enchantment, a sprinkle of magic in the vast cauldron of existence.

But there’s a secret to using this magic. It’s to know, to truly understand, that you are the grand sorcerer of your own life, concocting spells with every word that escapes your lips or dances through your mind.

No matter if you’re speaking it out loud or silently scheming, you are casting spells all over the place, shaping your destiny with the power of your words. 

Knowing that we constantly cast spells through our words underscores the importance of mindfulness in what we choose to believe. Yet, so much of what we believe and say about ourselves and our lives is habit. We don’t often think about what we think or say and how that is shaping our reality.

The first of The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, is Be Impeccable with Your Words.

“It’s an act of self-love to pay attention to what we think, and to modify that internal conversation.”

Don Miguel Ruiz

Being impeccable with our words begins right at home, with ourselves.

If I tell myself…

  • I’m always late…that becomes the norm
  • I’m too old to get a new joy or find a new love…becomes my experience
  • I can’t get ahead in life…presto…like magic that’s how it appears
  • I think something is impossible…that’s definitely how it’s going to seem…impossible

Some call it bad luck when things don’t go their way. But I don’t believe in luck. I believe in the magic of words and the power of love. The more intentional I am with my words, the more I love life… the more life loves me back. Everything is an inside job.

The Universe corresponds to our vibrational energy…corresponds. It doesn’t choose what shows up in our lives, we do. We get back exactly what we put out. But how often are we really tuned into what we are putting out there?

Every thought carries weight, every sentence casts a spell of destiny.

When my clients start paying attention to their “spells”, they often discover a lot of negativities lurking in their thoughts. Our brains are wired for comfort, so it’s natural that we keep going back to the same old belief. It’s familiar and familiar is comfortable…even if we’re not getting the results we desire. 

I remember thinking that owning a fancy RV and living a nomadic life was impossible. That spell turned out to be true, until I decided to believe it was possible. I had no idea how it would happen, but I chose to believe it anyway. Then…seemingly like magic, everything lined up. Her name is Silver Girl and we’ve tracked quite a few miles to date…and more to come.

That doesn’t mean ignoring or bypassing the current situation. But what you are experiencing today is the result of yesterday’s spells. 

For example: if you’re late for something today, the statement, “I’m always late” seems to be true. But this is an experience created in the past with the thoughts you’ve been thinking up till now. This is important to understand. To create a different experience in the future, you must begin to believe something different today.

If you’re always late and you start telling yourself, “I’m always right on time”, it’s going to feel wonky and discordant at first. Your brain is going to try and argue with you…tell you that’s not possible. This is part of the process of casting a new spell. 

You’ve been practicing the old spell for a long time…so be patient and kind to yourself. With consistency and expectancy, you’ll find yourself doing things differently so as to be on time. The new belief will become the blueprint for transformation.   

When a client tells me she’s too busy to care for herself or do the things she loves, that’s a spell she’s been casting. It’s a true experience in her life because she’s created it and believes it. What you believe is true – for you.

How do we discover the old beliefs? Awareness always precedes change.

Look at your life. 

  • Where in your life are you less than satisfied?
  • What are you tolerating?
  • What’s the story – the spell – that is keeping you in this situation?
  • What is it you think you can’t do? Why?

These seem like simple questions, but they require us to shift our perceptions of who we are, and change our habitual thinking in order to cast a spell and create something new.

So, let’s cast our spells with a little mischief and intention, and see how enchanting this journey called life can truly be!

With love,

I’ve been supporting women in making magic for nearly a decade…and it would be my joy to support you. Connect with me to find out more. 

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