Love Letter #52: Be Silently Drawn by What You Love

I highly recommend clicking on the link provided at the end of this Love Letter and listening to it on Spotify – it’s a bit of a meditation. Feel free to read it as well if you prefer, but listening will definitely enhance this experience. 

So, I want you to just sit back and get comfortable if you can…close your eyes if possible…and breathe. Breathe. Intentionally. In and out. Feel that breath fill your body. Notice, feel, connect with the breath. In and out.

Stay with the breath as you listen to these words.

You are the Universe. The entire Universe is in you. As Rumi said, “you are not a drop in the ocean. You are an entire ocean in a drop.” 

You are everything that ever has been and ever will be. You are here on purpose. Not to play small, but to be all Life desires to be, express, and become as you to know Itself.

Breathe with that for a minute. Life is expressing through you, as you, to know Itself. Not following those intuitive nudges and going after our dreams deprives us of Life’s full potential as us. 

Whatever you dream of being, doing, becoming…is Life dreaming as you…it is the Universe, (Source, Infinite Intelligence, God, Energy – choose your name) coming into being in each moment, in each breath, in each word, each step you take. Life is always expressing Itself as you…to know itself. To expand and evolve. You are expansion and evolution happening in the now.

Breathe that in for a moment…this is quite profound if you sit with it.

I was thinking about how each of us arrives here…we come through another human…and they come through another human before them…and so on. Where did we begin? It’s the proverbial chicken and egg…there is no beginning and there is no end. You have always been and will always be – beyond this physical existence.

When you feel afraid…anxious…doubt yourself…or simply don’t trust that Life is always supporting you…I want you to think about the nature of who you are so you can come back to the truth about yourself.

While this physical form will eventually fall away…that which I Am, that which you are, is eternal. For now, we get to have this experience. We get to be, feel, and experience humanness…and that includes following the desires Life is urging us to follow. To take chances. To experiment. To play. To create. To dream, and actually take the risk to be more full of myself today than I was yesterday.

Sometimes, I like to pull back and take a higher view of this life…from up above…where everything is so obviously connected…everything is One. One Life, living itself in multiplicity. Nothing is separate…all life breathes together.

So, when I feel the desire to be still, the desire to reach for something more, the desire to create something new, the desire to reach out, reach within, move beyond…I want to trust that this is Life moving beyond where I am today. Trust that this is meant for me. That a higher good is always unfolding.

When things happen…and they do…someone we love dies, a relationship ends, a job ends…often we can be so attached to those things it’s hard to imagine new beginnings. We tend to think…I’ll never have another job like that…or I’ll never love like that again…or I loved that person so much my life will never be the same. All of these are true…

You will not have that job or relationship again…you will miss that person being here…AND…there is always more beyond those experiences.

When I trust the more, trust that life knows how to live itself through me…I can listen to what Life is asking me to do and be that. I can play in the possibilities and the joy of becoming again…I get to do this. I get to have these experiences. I get to experiment and play in the wonder of Life.

Let me stretch beyond what is familiar because when I sit in what’s familiar I stop growing…stop living this big, messy, beautiful miracle of Life.

My invitation to you today is to spend a few minutes each day in this place of knowing. Knowing everything is connected. Knowing you are more than your human experience and that you are here for the human experience.

I encourage you to follow the nudges, the urge to create more beauty in the world, the urge to love life and everything in it full on for the minuscule time we have here.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ~Rumi

Pay attention to what you love. Trust that this urge onward to do what feels delicious and sometimes scary is meant for you. Trust that this is the avenue for you to grow in consciousness, love, grace, and prosperity…because we all have bills to pay in this human experience.

I know that it’s time for me to trust there is something greater than me always moving through me and moving me to be more today than I was yesterday. I’ve mentioned a shift happening in my own life and, at times, it can feel hard at times and there are some hard things to do. Yet, I know I can do them. Because the I Am in me is bigger than any situation that I will ever be confronted with.

The same is true for you.

So, breathe with me. Know that this breath is the very Infinite Essence of who you are.

Come back to the breath with intention and know that Life is always expressing Itself as you in your own unique and beautiful ways.


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