Love Letter #47: It Was Just My Imagination

Here we are at love letter #47 of A Year of Love Letters. So glad you’re on this journey with me!

As I write this, the Temptations song, “It Was Just My Imagination”...running away with me…is playing in my head. Today’s love letter is all about the power of ourdreams and the boundaries of our imagination. 

Lately, I’ve found myself in an unexpected situation. While I’m not prepared to talk about the details yet, here’s what I can share with you. 

There was a time when I desired something that I now have in my life. I envisioned it, expressed gratitude through letters, and immersed myself in the feeling of already possessing it. This final step is crucial because it represents the vibrational match to the desired outcome… and often, we stay fixated on wanting because we haven’t “seen it” yet, which keeps us from attaining it.

This experience entered my life in a beautiful way. I cherished every moment of it, and… I now realize how I limited myself. It was just my imagination…but I didn’t allow it to run away with my dream. 

Having this experience I’ve come to understand that I had focused on this specific thing, and  forgot to ask myself, “What else?” So I never allowed myself to broaden this vision and see what possibilities lie in it and beyond it. In essence, I was unclear about what I truly wanted. 

In this contemplation, I realize where I am isn’t quite where I want to be. This isn’t an exercise in self-criticism…rather a new awareness in this journey of self-discovery. 

Having received exactly what I longed for but nothing more, I’m seeing the perfection of the Universe as it unfolds in my life. It aligns precisely with what we are willing to receive and embody in our lives. 

With this newfound clarity, there are some challenging decisions to be made. 

As I stand at this crossroads, considering the power of dreams and the expanse of imagination, I am face-to-face with the intricate interplay between desire and manifestation. 

It’s so interesting how our thoughts and emotions mold our reality, how the energy we emit attracts the corresponding experiences. Something I’ve heard referred to as a “mental equivalent” in my spiritual community. Our thoughts do indeed become things. 

I’m fascinated by it all, and by my awareness of this fresh insight. 

Isn’t this what this journey of self-discovery is all about…it doesn’t end because we reach a certain age or place in our lives. 

While I achieved this amazing thing I once wanted, I’m faced with the confines I imposed on my own dreams; how I have unintentionally limited the Limitless. 

Time to broaden my horizons, to dream more boldly, more audaciously, and expansively. This awareness encourages me to explore possibilities beyond my current reality, urging me to envision a future overflowing with abundance, joy, and satisfaction. 

Navigating this phase of self-discovery and facing challenging decisions, I embrace these as pathways for personal growth, evolution, and transformation. 

With this newfound clarity and an open heart, I embark on the next chapter of my journey, prepared to embrace the unknown with courage and curiosity. 

I invite you to do the same.

With love,

Clarity is key to creating what you desire…but missing the mark is often where clarity begins. Have a desire that isn’t quite working out for you? I can help.

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