Love Letter #48: Embracing Solitude

It’s Saturday morning and Gracie and I are here alone. The light snowfall is ending and the little covering on the ground is melting fast. There’s meditation music playing, incense wafting through the cabin, and I’m enjoying a cappuccino in the stillness of the morning. 

I’m someone who likes a good deal of solitude in her life. I love people. My family, friends, the communities I am part of. Nevertheless, solitude is a sacred practice in my life and necessary for me to be my best for everyone else in my life.  

Embracing solitude can be enriching, especially in our fast-paced, always-connected world where disconnecting is challenging. I know I often find myself scrolling social media more than I want to. It can be hard to pull ourselves away.

I am prompted to share my 5 top reasons for embracing solitude. 

1. Spiritual Growth is the most significant reason I embrace alone time. Solitude is a daily spiritual practice where I connect to the Divine, to something within and beyond myself. It creates space for prayer, meditation, contemplation and self-discovery.

2. Creativity is second in line. Solitude is essential for me as a writer, teacher, coach, and creative to tap into that creative energy. It’s easy to get caught up in the rational mind, and solitude allows me to move out of my brain and into my body where creativity resides.

3. Peace of mind: I often hear others say they want more peace of mind and I encourage them to turn inward. Solitude allows me to distance myself from the distractions, stresses, and noise of daily life, so I can hear my own voice and bring my attention to the present moment and inner peace.

4. Freedom: Solitude allows me the space to be myself without the influence or expectations of others. It allows for authentic self-expression and the exploration of personal interests and passions. This level of self-intimacy allows me to let everyone else off the hook for my joy and happiness. 

5. Finally, overall emotional wellbeing: Being alone helps me to build a strong sense of self; an opportunity to process emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms. The more emotionally grounded I am, the better I cope with life’s ups and downs, and the less I need anyone to be anything other than themselves in my presence.

Nothing important ever comes because you feel desperate to get it. Find peace first. Everything you need will meet you there.

Martha Beck

It’s been my experience that we find that peace in the depth of our inner world, in solitude. Joy, happiness, inner peace – everything I desire in life begins and ends with me. 

Embracing solitude can lead to profound personal growth, enhanced creativity and a deeper sense of fulfillment and wellbeing. It can feel daunting at first, but it can enrich life beyond expectations. It is a commitment to self-awareness, self-love, and self-trust, even in a world that may look very different on the outside.

With love,

Does leaning into solitude scare you a little? It can actually be a superpower for connecting with the inner wise self, the divine essence of you. If you’d like to know more…let’s chat.

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