Love Letter #40: Be Brave Enough to Suck

During my coach training many years ago, the first piece of advice offered by the instructor was, “be willing to suck”. In those early days, when it felt terrifying to coach someone with a dozen people listening, this helped ease the pressure a bit. It still took a lot of deep breathing and courage to suck at it. I’m also grateful we were on the phone then and not on video. 

Being brave enough to suck is all about adopting a growth mindset. It’s a practice in letting go of perfectionism and letting ourselves be vulnerable – and that takes courage. 

Adopting a growth mindset is crucial, and I’ve learned to make a game out of the whole thing. Life is what you make it after all.

Imagine yourself as an adventurous explorer, or a dedicated researcher, welcoming the thrill of the unknown and the joy of discovery that comes with trying new things – even if you make some missteps in the process. 

Think about viewing each setback as a twist in your epic journey towards mastery. You’re creating a blooper reel that you can share with friends and fellow adventurers, turning embarrassment into shared laughter and bonding over mishaps. 

Approach the learning process like a fun game with challenges and rewards. You celebrate each triumph, no matter how small, and brush off the occasional setbacks as part of the skill-building adventure. 

I’ve used all of these at one time or another, and making everything a playful adventure is my favorite way to move through new experiences with the boldness to suck at it. 

I recently took on a part-time job doing communications for my spiritual center. Last week was my first time submitting slides for Sunday service. When it was time for one of the speakers to come up, I had the wrong name on their slide. 

Big…suck. Big lesson.

I was thrilled to get a response from my friend Michelle regarding yesterday’s email, “Learning to Surf.” Surfing on a board in the ocean is on her vision board!

I anticipate my Michelle will have her sucking moments learning to surf. I also know her determination and willingness will surely pay off…she’s definitely brave enough to suck at it in the beginning.  

I offered to bring my beach chair and cheer her on.

So, [first name], grab your surfboard, gear up like a scientist, put on your explorer’s cap and prepare for an unforgettable journey as you dive into the unpredictable world of sucking at something new!

The most remarkable adventures often start with a stumble and a laugh.

With love,

We’re all here to live our adventure and that means being brave enough to suck at whatever it is you’re wanting to be or do. Let me be your adventure guide for the journey. 

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