Love Letter #39: Learning to Surf

“Take a deep breath. Realize that nature wants you to surf. You were born with this capacity to do this. Culture says it has to be rigid, but your nature can flow, wants to flow with whatever happens to you. So drop the rope and see what new beautiful thing that you’ve never imagined comes to fill the place you thought you would never change.” ~Martha Beck – Bewildered EP 70.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about letting go, surrendering to the moment, letting life live itself through you and this Martha Beck quote popped up this morning in my inbox. Perfect!

I don’t see myself actually surfing in the ocean, but the idea here is to surf the waves of life, to stop resisting what life is offering us and go with the flow. When we’re gripping and grasping and trying to control it, we’re unable to let life surprise and delight us. 

This means surrendering to and loving what is and appreciating the present moment – whatever it looks like.

For those of you who are consumed by work and neglect self-care, let go of that burden and see what happens. 

For those who feel responsible for everyone, including capable adults, loosen that grip.

Countless women I’ve crossed paths with refuse to let go of the reins for fear of disappointing others, only to end up disappointing themselves. The struggle with perfectionism is a real heartbreaker.

It’s a constant work in progress for me as well, but I do know the universe appreciates openness. When we cling, push, and try to control everything, we inadvertently block ourselves from experiencing the extraordinary moments that life has to offer. It’s like wearing blinders that prevent us from seeing our true desires.

Consider a scenario where a woman hesitates to leave her job because she feels indispensable and fears disappointing others. I’ve worked with many women in this situation and that was me once upon a time. 

But, deep down, what she genuinely desires is the freedom to explore new and better opportunities. She is caught in the tangles of her own doubts and fears, unable to see beyond the limits she has created for herself. 

Sound familiar to you? 

The more we can relinquish control, unexpected and delightful opportunities can enter our lives. By letting go of our need for control, we create space for new possibilities, adventures, and connections to enter our lives.

Releasing the rope doesn’t equate to giving up or being passive. It signifies having faith in life’s natural progression and being receptive to what life brings. It entails living in the now, accepting the present, and approaching the unknown with curiosity and bravery.

So, let’s take a deep breath together, let go of the urge to micromanage every aspect of our lives, and learn surf through life’s waves with elegance and ease. Embrace the mysteries that await, release control and allow life to astonish you.

With love,

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