Love Letter #38: You See What You Believe

A few years back, I was coaching a woman who dreamed of going to Paris. She’d had this dream since she was a little girl. When I met her, she referred to herself as, “the girl who adored Paris but never went”. 

We get what we believe and our stories run deep.

This story was deep. At the time we met, she couldn’t believe that it was possible for her to be, “the woman who adored Paris and so, she went”. She identified so deeply with the old story, she couldn’t see her way to entertaining a new one or see how this old story was actually her own resistance to what she wanted most. 

She is not unique – we all have stories that limit our perceptions of ourselves and what’s possible and it’s hard to see our own blind spots. That’s what makes life coaching so valuable. 

Like the caterpillar, our old stories have to dissolve for us to become butterflies, the most self-expressed and beautiful versions of ourselves. This can feel like death. The version of ourselves we’ve been had to die in a way so this new more expansive version can emerge and we can’t become that until we being telling a new, more empowering story of what we are. 

That’s not easy in our humanness with our fears of failure, of being wrong, or making mistakes. 

We tell these old stories over and over again and they feel absolutely true. Yet, they are stories. Everything about our life is a story we’re telling. We just don’t always recognize that we have the power to change the story to one that is more loving and supportive and therefore change our lives. 

But, changing those old stories means we become the woman who goes to Paris, and lives her dreams. I’m delighted to say…a shift in perspective and this dream became this client’s reality.

You too can change your perception and create more of what you desire in your life. 

Here’s the thing though. 

  • It takes commitment. 
  • A willingness to stay in the game because it might not happen immediately and more than likely it won’t happen the way you’ve devised in your head.
  • It takes courage to surrender to what is and let that be the pathway, even when the road seems full of potholes

This is where you become the woman who goes to Paris, or sells her art, or publishes her book, or steps into that big dream you’ve put up on a shelf somewhere just waiting for the right moment. The “right moment” is simply the moment you decide believe something new, something that supports the life you envision for yourself.

“It is done unto you as you believe.” 

This isn’t just a line from the bible, it’s the absolute truth.

So, what do you want to believe?

With love,

Are you ready to start seeing the things you want to believe and love your dreams into being? Let’s talk!

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