Love Letter #37: Ready Isn’t a Feeling

Everyone of us has dreams we want to achieve in this lifetime. 

I say this all the time. It’s why we’re here. For the adventure, the experience, and the expansion. Those dreams can feel big and scary – I know. I’ve been living into mine all of my life; from marrying and creating a family, divorce, leaving a comfortable career to become a coach, to now living on a boat full time and RV travel part-time. There has and always will be something more I want to be and do. I sometimes feel I’ve lived several lifetimes in this one life, and I intend to keep going as long as I able. 

There have been times I’ve told myself I don’t “feel” ready for what’s next. But readiness isn’t a feeling. It’s an active choice, a decision, to take the first tiny step. That’s the moment of readiness.

There are lots of excuses we make for not taking the first step, but truly they are just that, excuses. Sometimes, we get the nudge to do something more, but we have become so comfortable where we are, we’re afraid to take the risk. If you’re happy and everything is working, why change it? 

This is complacency which is defined as: self-satisfaction accompanied by an unawareness of danger. (Merriam-Webster online)

The danger in this case is you stop growing, stop expanding, stop living the life you’ve come here to live to the fullest. 

Dreams come in all different shapes and sizes, none is too big or small for the infinite intelligence of the universe to help you fulfill them. But you have to take action towards that dream. This engages that universal intelligence in supporting your dream. 

I’d been thinking about starting a podcast for a while, but I didn’t have a clear “why” I wanted to do it. Until I started writing these love letters. It felt totally aligned to record them for those who prefer to listen. The simplest first step I could see was to ask Liz – my marketing and web expert – for her recommendation on the simplest platform for me to host the recordings. Turns out Spotify has a simple podcasters platform. Yeah! 

It felt huge recording and hitting the publish button the first time…but now, it’s easy peasy and I am confident these will benefit anyone looking for what I have to offer. 

There’s more to come…maybe a masterclass, a program, a book, a TedX talk…or maybe a complete shift in direction I don’t yet see. I’m open to all the goodness that will unfold. 

Whatever it is you are dreaming of; starting a new habit to support your wellbeing, starting a new career, leaving the career you have to begin something new, writing a book, learning to sing or dance or become a goat herder…if it feels aligned to you, know that you will never “feel” ready…but when you take that first step, Life will be ready to meet you.

With love,

Ready to take the leap and follow your dreams? I’d love to be your adventure guide.

You can listen to all episodes on Spotify here: A Year of Love Letters

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