Love Letter #4 – The Journey Out of the Maze

How the hell did you get where you are? By making your way, as best you could, through a maze of social pressures that were often destructive to your true nature. What the hell should you do now? Find a new way. A better way. Your way.

~Martha Beck / Finding You Way in a Wild New World

Okay, I love this quote from Martha Beck, and it sounds so simple. Right? Just find a new way for yourself. Your way.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

How the hell do we do that? 

I have a simple question that can help you find your way.

Begin by asking… “Who do I want to be?”

Think about how powerful this question is.

First, It puts you squarely in charge of your life and how you show up for it. You have the power to choose who you want to be. 

It’s also an opportunity to reflect on who you have been up until now, how that has shaped your life, and if you wish to continue on the same path…or not. 

There is no judgment here…and nothing is wrong with your life as it is. It’s your life and you get to live it however you choose. 

But when feeling lost or unfulfilled or just uncertain about what to do next, asking this question can help clarify your values, goals, and dreams. It can give you a direction to move towards and a sense of purpose. 

As I reflected on 2023, I asked myself who do I want to be in 2024. What will I do differently? What intention do I want to carry with me? Unconditional love came through loud and clear. 

Now, I have no doubt the universe will give me plenty of opportunity to put this into practice (bring it on 😉).

What also emerged was the inspiration to write a year of love letters. 

This is one way I am making my way out of the maze, allowing myself to do more of what I love. It fulfills my need to write and share my writing, and it is one way I satisfy my desire to encourage others to find their own way. 

I committed to it for a year as an opportunity for growth. I am sure there will be days that challenge me and I’ll have lots of opportunities to ask myself, who do I want to be now. And, I know I will be a different person at the end of 2024 because of it. 

The journey out of the maze isn’t a destination, rather it’s about who you are becoming along the way. It also asks for your commitment to you, to doing what lights you up even when it doesn’t seem to make sense…this is how you know you’re leaving the maze. 

Asking this question again and again is a practice of self-discovery and aligning with your higher self. The possibilities there are endless.

All love,

Write your way out of the maze and back to your true nature – Women Writing Their Lives – a 6 week experience in self discovery and writing and living your life your way.

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