Love Letter #3: Go Ahead…I’m Listening

In order to be heard, one must be willing to listen with the heart.

Elaine Blais

I wrote this line in my journal recently after witnessing someone who is struggling emotionally and wanting to be heard, but it seems no one is listening. 

I think sometimes we close our hearts to listening because we’re afraid of what we might hear. I know I’ve done this. Have you?

All of this has me wondering about this for myself.

Where am I wanting to be heard but haven’t been listening? 

Because life is a mirror, always reflecting back to us what we are putting into it. 

So, today’s love letter is a question. 

Where have I not been listening to you? 

What do you want me to hear? To know?

How can I better serve you with an open heart?

Go ahead…I’m listening.


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