Love Letter #32: Let Yourself Be Fascinated

Sitting in guided meditation early this morning, the idea of being fascinated surfaced. What if I let myself be fascinated by everything? What if I could see everything from this perspective?

I invite you to think about this as you read on…and while I write this in the first person, think about it for yourself. 

When I wake in the morning, I am breathing. It’s fascinating to be alive, to feel my breath, my heart beating. To begin to come aware of the temperature of the air in the room, the feeling of the bed and bedding against my body. Isn’t it fascinating that I can feel that. That I have the ability to feel?

When I decide to get out of bed, my body moves easily, I roll to one side and then my feet touch the floor. I stand, securely…and I am fascinated again. I feel that my bladder is full, and my legs carry me to the bathroom to relieve myself. Even more fascinating is there is a receptacle for this, and running water to wash my hands and face.

I am fascinated again as I put coffee grounds and water into a machine and hot coffee pours out into my cup. I go to the refrigerator for cream and my eyes know where to look, I can distinguish the cream from the eggs and broccoli. Somehow, my brain has cataloged these millions of things so I can see and enjoy them. That is freaking fascinating, isn’t it.

The weave of a sweater, the petals of a flower, the buzzing of the bee. Fascinating.

I am fascinated that I can have a call with someone I love and feel their energy, their light, their joy or sadness even though we are in separate spaces.

Movement. Breath. Heartbeat. Voice. Hearing. Seeing. Being. The very essence of my being is fascinating. How this body carries and supports me through life; that I can sit in stillness and commune and connect with something greater than myself, something that is working through me in each moment, expressing itself as me.

Are you with me here?

Imagine for a moment you too decided to be fascinated by everything. The work you’re doing, the people you’re with, even the traffic you may be stuck in on your way to work. Imagine being fascinated by your frustration about the traffic, the annoyances of everyday living. Letting them fascinate you because everything that comes into the sacred space of your being has come to teach you what you need to know.

My intention today is to be fascinated by everything and let the universe surprise and delight me. Are you willing to join me?

With love,

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