Love Letter #31: When Life Feels Heavy

Sometimes, life feels heavy. For me, today is one of those days.

I’ve been feeling sad about some things in my life, and joyful about some others, but the sadness is what I need to sit with at the moment.

This isn’t always easy.

We often want to do things to make ourselves feel better and push those feelings away. For me, that thing can be eating too much, or eating junk food, and I know this about myself. This is especially easy to do for me because I work from home, I’m here by myself and it can feel isolating at time.

This is where radical self-care and self-approval are so important.

For example, I know that eating will help me feel better – in the moment. But it won’t make me feel better later, after the fact.

So I wanted to share a few self-care practices that I use to move through days that feel sad or frustrating or otherwise uncomfortable. And hopefully, if you’re having a day like this, they’ll help you too.

First, it to get outside! Get some fresh air. Move. Walk. Gracie and I are about to take our 3rd walk today.

Take a hot shower…or bath if you have a tub. For me there’s something really soothing about being in the water.

Eat well…because nourishing food is good for physical wellbeing it’s good for your mental health too.

Rest. Sleep as needed…including naps (I love naps)

Do something light, fun, playful, something you love…like listening to music, dancing in the house, make some art (let your inner child play!)

Practice gratitude…when we begin to notice the things we already have in our lives that are good, we begin to feel better.

Stay connected…talk to a friend, go someplace where there are people…a coffee shop, even the supermarket. Sometimes just being in the presence of other people making eye contact helps me to connect with others and uplift myself.

I know this too will pass…and for now, I’m sitting in the sadness and being as tender and loving as I can with myself.

I hope you will do the same for you.

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