Love Letter #29: It’s Been Nine Years!

Did you know I have been writing blogs since 2015? 

One of the first I wrote was this one: Trusting the Process. 

“Easing into mornings with no routine – more challenging than one might imagine. No longer having to get ready to go, I’m finding that I feel somewhat lost, confused and a bit off balance. I wake with dread on my pillow, feeling as though there is something I should be doing; some place I should be. Fear follows me; a shadow of myself, observing, worrying, avoiding, stirring old feelings disguised as a safety net. The thing is, I’ve used that net before, it is familiar and comfortable, and it has a GAPING hole in it. And, fear is a liar! To accept it, would be to fall into the net, hang on for a while until my self slipped through the hole once more, a little more battered than before, and needing to recover…again. Or, I can choose to write a new chapter for myself. I can learn to trust. Trust my wisdom – all the answers lie within. Trust the process – have patience, be still, and all will be well. Trust the Universe – trust that life happens for me/us (not to us). Chapter 2 begins…”

I had just exited a corporate career to take the leap into entrepreneurship. This was me sharing the mind chatter and uncertainty I was feeling. When I look back and remember that version of me, I am so proud she took the chance on herself. 

Following your dreams isn’t easy in a world that wants you to conform and fit in. But I’ll tell you this. If you are willing to trust yourself, trust the process, and trust that life is always on your side…it’s an adventure worth taking. And, it’s the only way you’ll know just what you are capable of.

With love,

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