Love Letter #28: Harmony in Healing

This is a love letter to the transformative power of music. 

As a singer, music has always held a special place in my heart. It’s a powerful force that brings people together and creates a sense of community. I’m very particular about what I listen to. I’m mostly tuned into new thought or positive music, intended to uplift and inspire. 

The act of singing is a communal experience. As voices intertwine, a sense of unity can emerge creating a community where individuals find solace, understanding, and a shared sense of purpose. 

Singing for me is a spiritual journey that allows me to channel my emotions and connect with others in the process. The act of singing offers the gift of presence where listeners are invited to be present to the moment, let it wash over them, and carry them into a space beyond worries and anxieties. It transcends time and provides a healing balm for a weary soul. 

What I love most about singing is that I become a conduit of healing vibrations, of harmony in healing; a messenger of emotions, and a companion on the journey towards well-being. In each song we sing, I find medicine – not just for the soul, but for the collective heartbeat of humanity. 

I invite you into my world of music by sharing this song we sang today in community; Wash My Soul With Light by Ali Maya. Let it wash over you and feel the harmony in healing and the joy of music. 

With love,

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