Love Letter #136: Being Present is Powerful

This morning, I led a meditation in the Sacred Humans community​. I originally intended to do these meditations on Monday mornings to start the week, but my Mondays are quite full and I’m no longer willing to create stress in my life. So, I changed that to Wednesday mornings. You’re welcome to join us there.

Today’s meditation was prompted by an interaction yesterday at a networking lunch. I introduced myself to a woman I’d not met yet. We exchanged introductions and the conversations stalled. 

Small talk is not my strong suit – but it was a gloriously sunny day, with a bright blue sky and a few puffy white clouds. The temperature was just about 70℉ – a top-down kind of day in my little Fiat. So, I said something about it being a beautiful day. To which she replied, “Yeah, but it won’t last”. Which got me thinking about being present to what is. 

How often am I looking at tomorrow’s weather instead of being present to today’s? How often are you? 

So much of our lives are spent running from where we are to where we think we ‘should’ be when all our power is in the present moment. I’ve been paying attention to this more and more…which is probably why her comment hit me so. 

The incessant checking of the weather, our phones, and social media – is simply a metaphor for our tendency to fixate on the future, alienating ourselves from the richness of the present moment and essentially alienating ourselves from ourselves and our lives.

Our true power lies not in anticipation of what is to come but in the embrace of what is. 

Being present with what is, is a powerful way of living. We notice simple pleasures that emerge; the warmth of a beautiful spring day for example, and in doing so we take greater pleasure in living life. Being present also makes us more effective in dealing with life as we give up the need to distract ourselves from it. 

It is only in the present that we can make choices that support the future we desire, but we cannot be that future except in the present. 

Every moment offers us a choice – to be fully present in the here and now or lose ourselves in the endless chase of an elusive tomorrow. The present moment, with all it’s imperfections and uncertainty, is where our potential resides. It’s the canvas upon which we paint our experiences that shape our future. 

By letting go of the urge to constantly peer into the horizon of tomorrow, we reclaim our agency and rediscover the boundless opportunities all around us in the present.

It’s only in the NOW that we can truly live, love, and thrive. 

With Love,

Fall in love with the imperfections of life in the present moment…and with yourself!

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