Love Letter #135: Living Life on the Fly

I’m on a mission to explore authenticity in my own life. What it means, and how to show up more and more authentically. I’ve been thinking about that in the context of being good. Not the sticky-sweet, goody-two-shoes kind of good I learned to be as a girl, but the kickass, authentic kind of goodness that sets your soul on fire!

Diving deeper into authenticity for me means living life on the fly more and more, and embracing the beauty of life unscripted. 😳

For far too long I was a serious planner. Until I realized that trying to have all the details laid out for anything is exhausting first of all, and it’s a form of control driven by perfectionism – the fear of being seen as anything but perfect. I was caught up in the act of scripting my life – meticulously planning out every word spoken when I’d introduce myself, or crafting the perfect thing to say in conversations or when I go live on social media. 

But as time passes, I’ve come to appreciate that true authenticity lies in relinquishing the need for scripts and instead, embracing spontaneity and genuine expression. Quite the opposite from the heavy confines of perfectionism.  

Exploring authenticity means stepping into the unknown and allowing myself to be guided by the rhythm of the present moment. Crazy…right? Shouldn’t I be prepared, you ask? Prepared for what? We can’t actually predict what will happen, and I am finding life much more enjoyable when I embrace the imperfections and unpredictability of life rather than striving for an idealized version of it. 

Life is more fun on the fly – when I am not all caught up in the expectation of it going a certain way. Instead of hoping to be good, I’m opting to be being real, real goodness. 

It’s a little edgy at times and in many ways it’s definitely aspirational, nevertheless…there’s a part of me that is loving expressing myself more freely and creatively. 

Whether it’s engaging in conversation with others, sharing moments of vulnerability, or pursuing creative endeavors, I am finding more fulfillment in allowing myself to be unfiltered and unscripted. There’s a rawness and beauty in authenticity that simply cannot be replicated through rehearsed lines and curated content. 

So, as I continue on this journey of self-discovery and growth, I invite you to join me in embracing imperfection and authenticity – to let go of the perfect scripts we’ve written for ourselves and instead embrace the spontaneity and richness of life as it unfolds.

Are you willing to give it a go? 

Here’s to living life on the fly, and to the adventures that await us along the way.

With love,

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