Love Letter #137: Can You Love the Dragons

I watched a strange little movie last night, Damsel. It’s on Netflix if you’re interested. At first, I thought, this is really dumb, but something compelled me to stay until the credits rolled. 

The story centers on a royal family who built their castle above a dragon’s lair. When the first generation of the family arrived, they took drastic measures to ensure the dragon’s lineage ceased, but the dragon lived.  To appease the dragon and ensure their safety thereafter, they had to make absurd sacrifices. 

In reflecting on this story, I couldn’t help but see it as a mirror of our human existence. We each harbor our own inner dragons, and often, we sacrifice bits of ourselves to keep them at bay. Had the family understood the dragon, perhaps they could have coexisted harmoniously instead of living in perpetual fear and seclusion.

Isn’t this, in essence, what we witness on the global stage today? Our fears magnify the dragons before us, making them seem insurmountable? 

Yet, the truth is, we all struggle with our personal dragons. These fears, ingrained in us through generations, hold us captive. We want to change, to love, yet our fears can overshadow these desires. 

In the end, one woman dared to understand and embrace the dragon within. It wasn’t easy, but ultimately both she and the dragon were free. 

Now, you might think I’m diving a bit too deep into a silly movie. And I’ll admit, I do love to think deeply and the life coach in me loves a good metaphor. But this experience really led me inward to ask myself; What are my dragons? Am I willing to confront them, make peace with them, love them, and set myself free? 

Beyond the surface narrative, this movie whispers a profound truth about the human condition. We all confront inner dragons, and fears that drive our actions and confine our true nature, love. Through understanding, acceptance, and love, we all have the capacity to transcend these barriers and find true freedom.

As we navigate our own journeys, may we embrace the imperfections in ourselves and others, make peace with our dragons, and ultimately set ourselves, and the dragons free to soar. 

With love, 

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